Walmart Closes Los Angeles Store Because of $15 Minimum Wage

Los Angeles residents of impoverished Chinatown were shocked to learn on January 17 that the Walmart they pleaded for years to get would be shut down at 7 p.m. Sunday evening due to the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance, and union harassment. (Update: The closure was described by the company as one of 154 closures “that took into account a number of factors, including financial performance as well as strategic alignment with long-term plans.”) Immigrant Hispanic and Asian residents Read more […]

Walmart Shuts Down 154 Stores in the U.S. After Raising Wages

Here is another example of the great recovery we’ve had under Obama. According to Tribune Media: “Walmart to close 269 stores, 154 in U.S.; 10,000 employees impacted.” Walmart is closing 154 stores in the U.S., the company announced on Friday. As part of a “sharpened focus on portfolio management,” the 154 U.S. closures include 102 of its Walmart Express stores, which were opened during a test that started in 2011. The other closures include 23 Neighborhood Market stores, 12 Supercenters, Read more […]

A Recession Worse Than 2008 is Coming

The S&P 500 has begun 2016 with its worst performance ever. This has prompted Wall Street apologists to come out in full force and try to explain why the chaos in global currencies and equities will not be a repeat of 2008. Nor do they want investors to believe this environment is commensurate with the dot-com bubble bursting. They claim the current turmoil in China is not even comparable to the 1997 Asian debt crisis. Indeed, the unscrupulous individuals that dominate financial institutions Read more […]

‘Peddling Fiction?’ Fact: Obama’s Economy Numbers WORST Since 1932!

During his final State of the Union Address on Tuesday, amidst his unseemly campaign politicking in a year where he is ineligible for reelection, President Obama sniped at Republicans and touted supposed economic successes that have occurred under his stewardship. He even insisted that anyone “claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” To hear Obama speak of supposed economic success is hardly surprising; the president has long kept his own counsel and obliged Read more […]

Texas, Other States to Gain House Seats as Americans Flee Failing Liberalism

Americans are heading South and West again in search of jobs and more affordable housing, as the nation’s economic health continues to improve. Census population estimates show that the 16 states and the District of Columbia that comprise the South saw an increase of almost 1.4 million people between 2014 and 2015. The 13 states in the West grew by about 866,000 people. The gains represent the largest annual growth in population of the decade for both regions and signal that the multi-decade Read more […]

Most Americans Are One Paycheck Away From the Street

Americans are starting 2016 with more job security, but most are still theoretically only one paycheck away from the street. Approximately 63% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair, according to a survey released Wednesday of 1,000 adults by personal finance website, up slightly from 62% last year. Faced with an emergency, they say they would raise the money by reducing spending elsewhere (23%), borrowing from Read more […]

Gun Control Ranked 19th in Poll of America’s Important Problems

If you pay any attention to Barack Obama, you would believe that the number one problem facing America was gun violence and the need for more gun control laws. Enacting stricter anti-Second Amendment executive orders appear to be more important to Obama than fixing a broken federal government system, economy, jobs and even terrorism. However, that’s not what the American people believe to be the most important problem that needs to be addressed. Gallup looked at what Americans mentioned as Read more […]

Swiss Army Chief Warns Of Social Unrest, Urges Citizens To Arm Themselves

Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned, in a Swiss newspaper article on Sunday, the risks of social unrest in Europe are soaring. Recalling the experience of 1939/1945, Blattman fears the increasing aggression in public discourse is an explosively hazardous situation, and advises the Swiss people to arm themselves and warns that the basis for Swiss prosperity is “being called into question.” As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reports, speaking on the record for the first time since the November Read more […]

New CBO Report On Obamacare Might Give the President Heartburn

Americans who lose their doctors, deal with narrow networks, struggle to pay huge premiums with high deductibles, see their work hours reduced, and face tax penalties won’t be surprised by a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Fox News called it the “latest blow” to health care reform. The CBO reported that the unpopular and expensive law known as Obamacare will “reduce work hours equivalent to 2 million jobs in the next decade amid a host of incentives not to work or Read more […]

VIDEO: Black Chicago Residents Blame Obama For Crime And Joblessness: ‘He needs to resign’

Barack wants the Black Community to blame Whites and cops. These Black Chicago residents aren’t buying it. They’re putting the blame squarely on Barack Hussein Obama and Rahm Emanuel. “He’s probably the the worst President ever elected.” “Have the same love for these (black) young people as you’ve got for the ones across the border.”

Whoa! Fast Food Companies Have a BIG Surprise for $15 an Hour Advocates

So the debate on raising the minimum wage rages on. But the winners will probably not be the workers. First there was iPad, now there’s iPattie. Robots are coming to take over fast food. I mean we live in the 21st century, the age of technology. It’s simply economics and capitalism. I’m just surprised this didn’t happen sooner. I mean when you have unions, progressives, and socialists in this country continually trying to take more of our tax money for their own special interests, it’s Read more […]

The Rapidly Rising Cost Of Living Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class In America

All over America, the middle class is dying and poverty is on the rise. One of the primary reasons for this is the rapidly rising cost of living in the United States. The cost of just about everything that average families shell out money for on a regular basis – food, rent, health insurance, etc. – is rising much faster than wages are. In a previous article I noted that the federal poverty level for a family of five is $28,410, but 51 percent of all American workers are making less than $30,000 Read more […]