No, Harry Reid, Crushing Poverty Does Not Cause Violence

Harry Reid thinks crushing poverty explains the violence of the riots—though he is quick to say he does not condone the violence. Before I explain how wrong he is, let me first thank Harry Reid for bringing up justice reform as a bipartisan issue. The Daily Caller reports that he did so: So instead of turning a blind eye, let’s work together and take this problem seriously. There is bipartisan work being done on criminal justice reform and that is a good start. For once, Reid is absolutely Read more […]

Obama & Pope Francis to Discuss ‘Shared Values’ During Visit

Pope Francis will visit the United States on a papal visit in late September and his itinerary is already chalked full of events. Naturally, the official announcement was made public months ago. Today, however, we learned that the Bishop of Rome was also invited to the White House to meet with President Obama and the First Lady—an invitation he has evidently accepted. “The President and the First Lady will welcome His Holiness Pope Francis to the White House on Wednesday September 23,” the Read more […]

Scott Walker – We Must Think More About Future Generations Than Ourselves

Wow. Conservatives really like Scott Walker right now. The Governor of Wisconsin entered to speak just moments after a heated debate about the legalization of marijuana that fractured the usually united group of conservatives at CPAC, and he quickly healed those divisions. Walker’s speech to the crowd at CPAC 2015 was the epitome of a campaign stump speech. The Governor went hard after President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the powers that be in Washington, D.C. He Read more […]

Sheriff Lashes at NAACP: ‘Number One Cause’ of Police Shootings is Black Single Mother Homes

David Clarke, sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, asserted on Tuesday that the NAACP was wrong to blame police for shooting black men when the problem was homes with single mothers. A body camera recording released last week showed an Muskogee police officer in Oklahoma fatally shoot a fleeing suspect, Terrance Walker, who dropped and then picked up a gun as he ran. Tulsa NAACP chapter President Pleas Thompson told KTUL that the shooting was part of a “shoot first and ask questions Read more […]

NBA Superstar LeBron James Makes Waves with His Ferguson Comments

NBS Superstar LeBron James is about as famous and beloved in the African-American community as you can be. However, after recently sounding off on the unrest in Ferguson (and around the country), LeBron may find his popularity waning. The basketball phenom criticized the rioting in Ferguson and other locales, wondering how effective that method could actually be. What does that do?” he asked. “What does that actually do? Just hurt more families, hurt more people, draw more attention to things Read more […]

New Orleans’ Saints Player’s Facebook Response to Ferguson Goes Viral

This is exactly what this country needs. I don’t agree with everything he says, but it seems he is a man honestly seeking truth. If people would just ask questions, reflect, and look at the facts first before immediately trying to create narratives 99% of our problems would be fixed. Powerful words from New Orleans Saints’ player Benjamin Watson. It has almost 400,000 likes already, considering his page has only 32,000 likes that is incredibly viral. I hope his message inspires more people Read more […]

Rudy Giuliani: ‘The Danger to a Black Child in the US is Not a White Police Officer, It’s Another Black’

Rudy Giuliani is doubling down on his controversial comments about ‘black-on-black crime,’ saying he saved thousands of African American lives by cutting the murder rate during his tenure at New York’s mayor. ‘The danger to a black child in america is not a white police officer. That’s going to happen less than 1percent of the time,’ he told Fox and Friends this morning. ‘The danger to a black child, if it was my child, is another black – 93percent of the time it’s going to be another black.’ Giuliani Read more […]

Judge Declares Polygamy a Legal Right

A judge in Utah has said polygamy is a legal right. Of course he did since the Supreme Court ruled on the moral equivalency of same-sex sexuality and heterosexuality. Eleven years ago “Justice Antonin Scalia warned in Lawrence v. Texas that the Supreme Court majority had created ‘a massive disruption of the current social order’ by striking down a Texas law barring sodomy.” Justice Scalia went on to predict the following: In the nineteenth century, the courts agreed that it was necessary Read more […]

Are Silent Pastors Contributing to the Decline of Culture?

A new study by the Barna Group is reporting some disturbing results on what pastors believe but are not preaching. “[I]n his study, Barna’s organization asked pastors across the country about their beliefs regarding the relevancy of Scripture to societal, moral and political issues, and the content of their sermons in light of their beliefs. “‘What we’re finding is that when we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, ‘Yes, the Bible speaks Read more […]

9th-Grade Curriculum: Bondage, Orgasms and Vibrators

There was a day in this country not so long ago — a veritable Golden Age, if you will — when teachers were expected to behave in a reserved, adult manner befitting of role models and they could actually be fired for having lurid sexual conversations with vulnerable teenage children. Now, teachers are expected to lead children by the hand through Sodom and Gomorrah, pointing out the brothels and sex shops they can try along the way. That was somewhat figurative, though not much. Let me be Read more […]

Black Football Player Calls on Black People to Turn on Obama

President Barack Obama’s assault on personal liberty and traditional American values has grown so egregious that even previous supporters have now begun to turn against him. For example, Democrat commentator Kirsten Powers says that his unconstitutional power grabs threaten the nation. Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley says Obama is causing a constitutional crisis. Democrats are turning on him over his positions on illegal immigration and Israel, as well. Now former NFL linebacker Garry Read more […]

Federal Gov’t Sues Company, Says English-Language Requirement is ‘Discrimination’

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a federal agency tasked with enforcing workplace discrimination laws, is suing a private American business for firing a group of Hispanic and Asian employees over their inability to speak English at work, claiming that the English-language requirement in a U.S. business constitutes “discrimination.” Judicial Watch reported Tuesday that the government is accusing Wisconsin Plastics, Inc. of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Read more […]