Following Sandy Hook Feds Have Built Huge (Secret) Gun Registry

Following the Sandy Hook escapade, not only did Barack Obama issued 23 executive actions which were unconstitutional (given the Second Amendment’s protections of the people’s rights from infringements by government), but also states such as New York and Connecticut stepped in with pretended legislation to force gun owners to register their weapons. Though there are laws against the federal government maintaining a registry of gun owners, it appears that the National Instant Criminal Background Check Read more […]

Obama Considers Executive Action to Close ‘Gun Show Loophole’

Barack Obama’s resolve to bypass Congress to tighten gun controls is likely to target loopholes around firearms bought at gun shows and on the internet, campaigners believe. The president’s adviser, Valerie Jarrett, revealed this week that Obama has directed his team to finalise “in short order” recommendations that will keep guns out of the wrong hands, including expanded background checks. The White House has since declined to offer further details, but Po Murray, chairwoman of the Read more […]

Banning Muslims Not Only Constitutional But It’s Been U.S. Law Since 1952

Well, well, well. All of Trump’s opponents except for Ted Cruz and all establishment Republicans, all liberals and the entire media have gotten it wrong and it turns out Trump has the law behind him in banning Muslim “refugees.” Not only does the president have the absolute right to keep Muslims and Islamists out of the country, he has the moral duty to do so. Of course, that doesn’t work with Obama since he has no morals. In the USCIS handbook, it describes reasons for keeping out Read more […]

Former MSNBC Commentator, Ed Schultz: Constitution is Totally Outdated Piece of Paper

Former MSNBC blowhard Ed Schultz has taken to doing web podcasts since losing his The Ed Show gig on that network, and Newsbusters reports that he recently vented about Republican “jackasses” who still oppose more restrictive gun control in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist massacre. He may have been reduced to an even smaller audience than he had at the low-rated MSNBC, but in the course of that podcast he stated an article of faith of the radical left – that the Constitution is outdated Read more […]

Black Student Group Vows Bloodshed Over Constitution

A well-established black student coalition is calling for violence if the U.S. Constitution is not replaced with a version that serves “the interests of black people.” Afrikan Black Coalition was created in 2003 to connect activists across the University of California system. It has gone from concentrating on the low admittance and retention rates of black students in California to developing leadership and communication skills for members. The group posted an op-ed, “A New Constitution Read more […]

Liberal College Faculty Agree to Shred the Constitution … Literally!

I guess it was only a matter of time until Project Veritas, of the ACORN videos fame, went back to colleges. Now they’ve gotten administrators at Vassar and Oberlin to agree to feed the U.S. Constitution through a paper shredder because it’s “triggering.” The Veritas reporter even managed to get one of the administrators doing the act on film. “When this idea came up in our newsroom about campus administrators shredding the Constitution because it’s a trigger against students, we didn’t Read more […]

We Can Overrule the Supreme Court and We Should

Legal scholars and university professors, led by Robert P. George, the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, along with the American Principles Project, are leading a “Constitutional Resistance” movement. As such, they urge every federal and state judicial office holder, civil magistrate and government employee to reject the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges. As Read more […]

Indiana Sheriff Promises to Disregard Any Order to Confiscate Guns

An Indiana sheriff says he would ignore orders issued by President Obama calling for gun confiscation. Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers made his stance on the Second Amendment clear during an interview on a local PBS broadcast, in which he supported the right of Americans to possess firearms free of additional infringements. “We’ve always had this conversation that we need more reasonable gun control put in place,” Rogers said during a panel discussion on WNIT’s Politically Speaking. Read more […]

Oh, No! Real Life “Minority Report” is Coming

Those of you who have seen the movie Minority Report (or read the original sci-fi short story) know how the concept of pre-crime is not only highly controversial and philosophically paradoxical, but also that it would virtually destroy whatever is left of our nation’s recognition of our Bill of Rights. If you’ve ever wondered how the police state creeps upon us so easily, here’s a front-row seat to observe how the process unfolds. For those outside the loop, the concept of pre-crime involves Read more […]

College Police Shut Down Free Speech

A student at the University Park campus of Penn State University (PSU) was told he was required to have a permit to demonstrate while conducting a free speech wall and distributing Constitutions Friday afternoon. Young Americans for Liberty member Kevin Caputo was in an area of campus that the university deems “suitable for expressive activity” when he was approached by a campus police officer who told him they needed a permit from the university in order to demonstrate or protest on campus Read more […]

Ted Cruz says Excluding Muslims from Office is Unconstitutional

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), in responding to the comments concerning Ben Carson with regards to him not supporting a Muslim for president, claims that it is unconstitutional to exclude a Muslim from the presidency. “You know, the Constitution specifies there shall be no religious test for public office and I am a constitutionalist,” the Texas senator said during the taping of “Iowa Press” at Iowa Public Television. Specifically, Cruz was responding to Carson’s statement on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Read more […]

Kim Davis Being Forced Back Into Jail?

Following her release from jail, after spending five days there due to an illegal and unlawful order from Bush appointee US District Judge David Bunning, Kim Davis has allegedly stepped back into office and upheld Kentucky law by removing her name, as well as the county’s from the marriage licenses issued to sodomites. CBS reports: The attorney for one of the deputy clerks in Kim Davis’ office says Davis disobeyed a federal judge’s order when she altered marriage license forms for same-sex Read more […]