Gun Control Ranked 19th in Poll of America’s Important Problems

If you pay any attention to Barack Obama, you would believe that the number one problem facing America was gun violence and the need for more gun control laws. Enacting stricter anti-Second Amendment executive orders appear to be more important to Obama than fixing a broken federal government system, economy, jobs and even terrorism. However, that’s not what the American people believe to be the most important problem that needs to be addressed. Gallup looked at what Americans mentioned as Read more […]

Obama Wipes Away Tears as He Calls for New Gun Measures

President Barack Obama wept openly Tuesday as he delivered a forceful defense of new executive actions on gun violence, a set of modest proposals to tighten loopholes that likely face quick legal challenges and could be vulnerable to reversal by a Republican White House. The president ran through a list of mass shootings that have happened during his time in office, and teared up as he recalled the schoolchildren gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. Story Continued Below “First graders Read more […]

Obama’s new gun control force dwarfs Pentagon’s ISIS team, 430-50

President Obama plans to build a new gun control force of 430 agents, more than eight times the size of the team of commandos he is sending to the Middle East to hunt down and destroy ISIS terrorists. According to a White House fact sheet, the president plans to deploy 200 more Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents “to help enforce our gun laws.” He also plans to add at least 230 new FBI agents to pour over the backgrounds of gun buyers. Said the White House: “The FBI will Read more […]

Loretta Lynch Warns Gun Owners: We’re Watching You

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch issued what Second Amendment supporters likely see as a dark warning about the White House’s looming executive order on guns, telling a group of reporters the federal government would be actively searching out those firearms’ owners who want to sidestep registration. RELATED: Obama tightens gun restrictions through executive order RELATED: Valerie Jarrett: Obama ‘not circumventing Congress’ on guns In her words, as reported by Breitbart: “We Read more […]

Defy Obama, Buy a Gun, and Dedicate it to the Best Gun Salesman in America

The Second Amendment is part of the “law of the land” because its in the Bill of Rights which, of course, is in the Constitution. President Obama wants to put more restrictions of American citizens who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The thing of it is, the President has no authority to make law. An Executive Order that violates the Constitution is not a law. An Executive Order to diminish any part of the Bill of Rights should be an impeachable offense. Therefore, whatever Read more […]

Obama: Gun Control Executive Orders ‘Entirely Consistent’ With Constitution. Here’s Why That’s A LIE

The Constitution is an imperfect document that has required revision from time to time. Our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, understood that our world was likely to change and would require amendments to the document that serves as the codified law that emphasized the need for a restraint of government. Though the document has changed over time and will likely change some more before this author moves to the other side of the grass, it remains remarkably clear on some key areas of liberty. The Read more […]

Actor James Woods Says to Stop Crime ‘Buy More Guns and Learn How to Use Them!’

Once again, actor James Woods is being very vocal about crime and guns, and I love virtually everything the man has to say. On December 29, Woods responded to the details that have been released with regard to three black thugs who went on an eight-day crime spree, including murdering the wife of a former youth pastor in South Carolina and raping another woman, as well as burglarizing homes. He tweeted out, “Buy more guns and learn how to use them.” Larry Taylor Jr., 18, Jalen Watson, 21, Read more […]

Montel Williams Wants the National Guard to SHOOT TO KILL Oregon Protesters

Montel Williams is calling for the National Guard to storm the militia members held up in a vacant wilderness building on “shoot to kill orders.” The talk show host turned prescription drug pitchman–who amazingly has 160,000 Twitter followers–posted a message late Saturday night to his “fans” in response to someone who said the protesters are looking to get attention:

Texas Gov Challenges Obama’s Executive Action on Guns, ‘Come and Take It’

On New Year’s Day, Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a strong message for President Obama regarding his upcoming plan to unilaterally enact gun control legislation: “Come and take it.” “Obama wants to impose more gun control,” Abbott tweeted Friday. “My response? COME & TAKE IT.” The Republican governor’s statement comes amid announcements the Obama administration will act later this month to impose stricter rules on the selling and purchase of firearms. The president will meet Read more […]

Seattle Just Passed a Law that Allows them to TAX the 2nd Amendment

The Liberals are literally going crazy. I kid you not. The latest example comes to us from Seattle, Washington where the good little socialists elected themselves a fascist mayor. Mayor Ed Murray (D-WA) was elected to the job in 2014 and has since taken it upon himself to strip Seattle’s citizens of their right to defend themselves. In fact, the effort didn’t start after his election as Mayor — it began earlier during his time in the Washington State Senate. Back in 2013, Murray, as Read more […]

New California Law Permits Cops to Confiscate Guns Without Question

Under a new law effective New Year’s Day, California cops can now seize guns from law-abiding Americans without charges and without giving any notice. And police can keep those firearms for 21 days under the law known as AB 1014. If family members believe a gun-owning individual is a danger to themselves or someone else, police may acquire a temporary “gun violence” restraining order from a judge, KPCC public radio reported. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the law after the 2014 Read more […]

Bloomberg Business: Executive Gun Control Coming ‘Soon After New Year’s Day’

On December 28 Bloomberg Business explained what form Obama’s executive action on gun control will take and predicted it will come “soon after New Year’s Day.” Breitbart News previously reported that the executive gun control was expected to be an expansion of background checks to cover gun shows or to cover more private sales by changing the legal language relating to private gun owners who sell firearms from their “personal collection,” the way Americans have been doing since 1791. Bloomberg Read more […]