MSNBC Interview: Hillary Doesn’t Know Difference Between Being Democrat and Socialist

I don’t think Chris Matthews meant to confuse Hillary Clinton, but he did it nonetheless. During an MSNBC interview that the Clinton campaign probably assumed would be a walk in the park, Matthews threw Clinton an unintentional curveball when he asked her to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist. I’m not one. I’m a progressive Democrat who likes to get things done and who believes that we are better off in this country when we’re trying to solve problems together. Getting Read more […]

Former U.S. Attorney: Clinton Could Face Criminal Indictment With 60 Days

A former U.S. attorney thinks Hillary Clinton could face a criminal indictment from the FBI within the next 60 days. Joe DiGenova, a Republican U.S. attorney appointed by President Reagan, said Clinton’s “biggest problem right now” is the open FBI investigation into the contents of her private emails. “They have reached a critical mass in their investigation of the secretary and all of her senior staff,” DiGenova said Tuesday on the “Laura Ingraham Show” radio program. “And, it’s going to come Read more […]

Former Clinton Crony says Hillary Hired Secret Police to ‘Go After’ Bill Clinton’s Victims!

Just a reminder about what history has to teach us about who Hillary Clinton is. A little over a year ago former Clinton confidante Dick Morris appeared on Politicking with Larry King on Ora TV to discuss Hillary Clinton’s planned run for the White House. King wondered just what it was that led to Dick Morris’ schism with the Clinton family when Morris explained that it had nothing to do with former President Bill Clinton and everything to do with Mrs. Clinton. “It’s between me and Read more […]

Bill Clinton Gives Nonsensical Answer When ABC Asks If His Sex Life Is ‘Fair Game’

Following Bill Clinton’s Monday campaign speech in New Hampshire, ABC’s Cecilia Vega asked him if Donald Trump’s attacks on his sex life were “fair game.” “Donald Trump says your past is fair game. I’ve got to ask you, since you’re going to keep going out on the campaign trail,” Vega asked the former president, “is it fair game?” “The Republicans have to decide that,” Clinton responded. “I’m trying to tell the Democrats and the rest of the country that Hillary Read more […]

Paula Jones: Hillary ‘Two Faced,’ ‘Liar,’ ‘Cares Nothing About Women at All’

During a radio interview on Sunday, Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who notoriously sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, demanded Hillary Clinton personally apologize for “allowing” her husband to “abuse” and “sexually harass” women. Speaking to weekend talk radio host Aaron Klein, Jones slammed Hillary as a “two-faced” “liar” who waged a war on women by trying to discredit “predator” Bill’s sexual accusers. “And how dare her. You know Read more […]

Dems Move to Criminalize Criticism of Islam

December 17, 2015 ought henceforth to be a date which will live in infamy, as that was the day that some of the leading Democrats in the House of Representatives came out in favor of the destruction of the First Amendment. Sponsored by among others, Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, as well as Eleanor Holmes Norton, Loretta Sanchez, Charles Rangel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Kennedy, Al Green, Judy Chu, Debbie Dingell, Niki Tsongas, John Conyers, José Serrano, Hank Johnson, and Read more […]

Obamas Say Happy Kwanzaa; Most Candidates Say Nothing

President Obama extended his “warmest wishes” to families across the U.S. celebrating Kwanzaa, a holiday which honors African-American culture. “Today begins a week-long celebration of African-American heritage and culture through family and community festivities,” a statement released the White House on Saturday said. “Kwanzaa’s seven principles — unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith — are also shared values Read more […]

Hillary Clinton: The Criminal Investigation Keeps Moving Forward

While the country has been fixated on Donald Trump’s tormenting his Republican primary opponents and deeply concerned about the government’s efforts to identify any confederates in the San Bernardino, California, killings, a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents continues to examine Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state in order to determine whether she committed any crimes and, if so, whether there is sufficient evidence to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. What began Read more […]

Rush Openly Calls for Destruction of GOP

When Speaker Paul Ryan was handed the keys to his new office in October, conservatives braced themselves but were somewhat excited about the reality of a House no longer led by RINO former Speaker John Boehner. The future appeared to be a little brighter. But as darkness fell Tuesday night, Ryan showed us that he’s happy to walk in Boehner’s footsteps along the same path, and now conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has called him on it, saying that congressional Republicans had sold America Read more […]

TRUMP: ‘Hillary Lies Like Crazy About Everything’

Hillary lies and lies…and then she lies some more. At least someone is calling it out — and it’s the perfect person to do it. Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while responding to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying in the debate last night that he is “becoming ISIS’s best recruiter,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared that to be “just another Hillary lie.” Trump said, “Nobody has been able to back that up. It’s nonsense. Just Read more […]

At A Mosque, Bernie Sanders Exploits The Holocaust To Rant Against Republicans

The Holocaust, the Nazi’s “final solution” to the “Jewish question” will forever be a black mark upon the history of humanity. More than just murder, it was wholesale slaughter on an industrial scale and it can never be allowed to repeat. Donald Trump’s proposal, on the other hand, is a proposal aimed at strengthening our national security by temporarily suspending immigration for Muslims entering the country. See if you can spot the difference between Trump’s proposal and the Read more […]