Should Texas Secede? Voters Seriously Consider the Question

Texas already seceded once — in 1861, by popular vote in a statewide election. But the Texas Nationalist Movement wants a repeat a century and a half later, and thinks the March GOP primary is the place to start. The Nederland-based Texas independence group is circulating a petition aimed at getting a non-binding vote onto the GOP primary ballot over whether “the state of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation.” Their goal? 75,000 signatures from registered voters by Read more […]

Texas AG Abbott to BLM: ‘Come and Take it’

After Breitbart Texas reported on the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) intent to seize 90,000 acres belonging to Texas landholders along the Texas/Oklahoma line, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott questioned the BLM’s authority to take such action. “I am about ready,” General Abbott told Breitbart Texas, “to go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.” Gen. Abbott sent a strongly-worded letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze, Read more […]

Arizona, Kansas Win Court Case to Require Proof of US Citizenship to Register to Vote

I am thoroughly convinced that the only reason liberal Democrats are so anxious to pass their immigration reform bills is to set up the means for millions of illegal aliens to vote in US and state elections even though it is not legal for them to vote. In many states, all someone needs is a valid state driver’s license to register to vote.  On voter registration forms, it asks the question if you are a US citizen and whether you are or not, all you have to do is check ‘yes’ and you will Read more […]

State of Georgia Has Plans to Rein in Overreaching Federal Government

The plan to put the brakes on Washington’s expansion of the federal government is under way. Convention of States confirmed that the Georgia legislature on Thursday passed the organization’s application “to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.” State Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon, told the organization he is “pleased that the Georgia legislature has given voice to the frustrations of millions of Georgians.” “Enough is enough. It is time to impose fiscal Read more […]

Arizona Advances Nullification of Federal Gun Laws

Following in a long line of states that are advancing the Tenth Amendment rights of their respective states, Arizona is now advancing nullification of federal gun laws and stop state enforcement of them. Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward, along with eight co-sponsors, introduced the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the Grand Canyon State. According to the bill, SB1294, all federal regulations which violate the Second Amendment (that would be any federal gun law) would be recognized as “invalid Read more […]

Tennessee Moves to Ban Implementation of ObamaCare

Tennessee state lawmakers have decided to step up and take on Obamacare in the Volunteer State. The U.S. House of Representatives tried to defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act several times last year, and we’ve seen various congressional moves to repeal it. But in the current political climate, there is no way to stop implementation of Obamacare through action in Washington D.C. In the meantime, the federal bureaucracy continues to move full speed ahead implementing President Read more […]

Legislators Introducing Bill to Nullify Obamacare in Georgia

Four state representatives announced today that they are introducing legislation to block Obamacare in Georgia. State representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine), with three other representatives, will hold a press conference on Monday, Dec. 16 to discuss the proposal. In a press release, Rep. Spencer explained the bill’s goal: “The bill’s main thrust is to prohibit state agencies, officers and employees of the state from implementing any provisions of the Affordable Care Act, leaving Read more […]

CNN Blames Christians for Obamacare Problems

CNN has blamed Christians for the problem of Americans without health insurance, calling it “The Obamacare ‘scandal’ you haven’t heard about.” In an article on’s Belief Blog, CNN writer John Blake says that, while famous pastors “preach in states where crosses and church steeples dot the skyline,” they do nothing about “the poor who can’t get the health insurance they would receive if they lived elsewhere.” That refers, in turn, to the decision of twenty-five states not to participate Read more […]