Carly Fiorina Turns Tables on Reporter – Destroys Planned Parenthood!

As a Christian, I firmly believe God created the heaven and the earth and made man in His own image; however, for some, I question whether evolution played a factor as many humans act as though they came from a primordial soup mixture of amoeba that can’t distinguish their head from their tail. Case in point is the protestors in support of Planned Parenthood who interrupted Carly Fiorina while she was campaigning in Iowa. Reports indicate these “protestors” threw condoms at Fiorina and her supporters while they chanted, “Layoffs, lies, no surprise. Carly fumbles for these Hawkeyes.” One protestor actually wore a “birth control pill” costume and the others wore pink T-shirts — pink being associated with breast cancer awareness.

Planned Parenthood supporter Cindy Shireman, 54, approached Fiorina and asked, “How can you as a woman not support our healthcare?”

In the face of “crass,” Fiorina responded with “class.” Fiorina said, “Oh, I support women’s health care. I don’t support the butchering of babies, and you ought to go look at those videos.” Continuing on, Fiorina asked several questions of Shireman.

“I understand we may disagree on things, but you need to ask yourself some questions. Why is it that fetuses are aborted alive to butcher their brains? Why? How much money does Planned Parenthood give to Democratic candidates? This is a big political rigged game.”

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