California Debates Economy Destroying Bill to Reduce Gas Consumption by 50 Percent

California lawmakers are attempting to reduce gas consumption in the state by fifty percent “to achieve ambient air quality standards and the state’s climate goals,” according to the text of Senate Bill 350.

To reach this lofty goal, the brilliant representatives of the people of the state of California want to place additional regulatory authority in the hands of the California Air Resources Board, a group of bureaucrats, who would then decide exactly how to force citizens to comply.

Some news outlets are couching the issue “as a debate between environmentalists and representatives of the oil and automobile industries,” but this is, and should be, a fight between freedom-loving citizens and their authoritarian representatives, and dictatorial state agencies. The damage to individuals, and businesses, will be catastrophic if this bill passes. It could turn the steady stream of people leaving California into a veritable tidal wave.

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