CA Gov ‘Moonbeam’ Claims Global Warming Will Cause Our ‘Extinction’

When the evidence isn’t there to support your agenda, the only thing left to do is use scare tactics. Basically, just keep repeating the same thing over and over again, except in a much louder and scarier voice.

The planet isn’t heating up nearly as much as the alarmists wanted. In fact, some are saying that we’re headed for another mini ice age, coinciding with solar cycles. But that hasn’t stopped politicians from announcing to the world that we’re all headed for certain destruction if we don’t all band together as one world and collectively do something about manmade global warming. There’s no evidence linking human activity to global temperatures, but it’s too late in the game to give up all the political and financial capital that’s been invested in the scam. The only thing they can do is keep on spouting off the same talking points, “science-denier” this, “climate-denier” that, “97% consensus,” and eventually even they may come to believe their own lies. But all they really care about is getting a return on their investment.

California Governor Jerry Brown was in Rome at a climate change conference, talking about how we’re all going to die if global leaders don’t get together and solve this manmade global warming problem. The Sacramento Bee reported:

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