By Executive Order, Obama Kills 110 Year Old Civilian Marksmanship Program

I guess it should not surprise us that President Obama is making good on his promise to use his executive powers to enact more gun control. After all, the promises to squash our freedoms are about the only promises he has kept.

But his new executive order on Thursday has stirred up a lot of gun owners, especially those that have served this great country in the U.S.. military. The White House announced that its executive order would “ban almost all re-imports of military surplus firearms to private entities”.

Even though the order makes the feeble attempt to make it look like its stopping criminals from using military grade weapons, what this executive order really does is kill a 110 year old Civilian Marksmanship Program, according to the Daily Caller. The program was started by the government in 1903 to help civilians to practice their marksmanship skills should they ever be called back in for military service.

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