Buyer Beware: California’s Obamacare Exchange Hands Out Personal Contact Info Without Consumer Permission

There are going to be some epic data theft and hacking stories to come from the sad history of ObamaCare. They’re probably already happening. There has been a repeated history of both state and federal authorities concealing security breaches until forced to discuss them by freedom-of-information requests. These authorities are keenly aware of what a few big hacking stories will do to a system that’s already far less popular than it needs to be, with a reputation for technological ineptitude among the young people it desperately needs to milk for cash.

But the hackers will have to get in line behind the ObamaCare system’s tendency to create its own security breaches by coughing up hairballs of sensitive data… and officials who abuse the personal information of consumers before hackers get a shot at it. The latest story comes from California, courtesy of the L.A. Times:

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