Brit Hume – Obama Administration is ‘One of Almost Unimaginable Incompetence’

Brit Hume is interviewed on the O’Reilly factor and says that, although he wishes it weren’t so, he believes that Obama actually is caught off guard by the numerous “surprise occurrences” both domestically and around the globe. He says we are coming to find out that the current administration is one of “almost unimaginable incompetence and in many respects disengagement.

While he doesn’t want to make the assumption that the various agencies aren’t trying to do their jobs and to keep the administration at large, as an entity informed, he says, “but I don’t know that this president is paying that much attention.”

Hume says he thinks that Obama is overwhelmed and he doesn’t know what to do, and that he is surprised by that as well, saying “I think he’s surprised by the fact that he’s caught off guard.”

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