Border Patrol – Illegals Not Intimidated By U.S. Border, They Fear Mexico

If illegal border-crashers have little reason to fear or feel apprehensive about the prospect of being apprehended by the United States Border Patrol, we have made their job much harder and increased their workload by removing an effective deterrent. The impact is a greater number of attempts, more arrests, more successful crossings and less security. Our “welcome mat” open border policy is not unsurprisingly having a detrimental effect on our border situation and immigration enforcement.

That’s the message from National Border Patrol Council Vice President Shawn Moran, who joins Neil Cavuto for a discussion of the issue. After Cavuto points out that the United States actually deports fewer illegals back to their home countries than does Mexico, the subject of the immense hypocrisy of the Mexican government is raised. They are sharply critical of the United States, in spite of their policies being more stringent, more aggressive and more prone to abuse.

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