Border Agent Ignores Gag Order: Obama is Aiding, Abetting & Fascilitating Illegal Alien Smuggling

United States Border Agent and spokesman for the National Border Patrol Counsel for the Laredo, Texas area Hector Garza came out with an explosive accusation, stating that the Obama administration is not only aiding and abetting illegal alien smuggling and then putting the bill on American taxpayers, but also said that the diversion of so many resources to the border in one area is allowing drug cartels to sneak illegal drugs and weapons across the border undetected.

Appearing on CNN, Garza said that what is going on is a “rapid abuse of our immigration system.”

“We have a situation right now where the federal government is aiding and abetting and facilitating the smuggling of these individuals, illegal aliens,” he continued. “These illegal aliens cross the borders illegally. We have to handle these illegals that pretty much surrender themselves because they know that they are getting a free pass.”

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