Bombshell: IRS Bashed ‘Icky’ Tea-Party Groups

Congressional investigators believe they have found a number of startling new smoking guns showing political bias against conservatives by the IRS.

One email shows an apparent collusion to deny a conservative organization tax-exempt status because the group gave an IRS employee an “icky feeling.”

Employee 1: “It appears that the org is funneling money to other orgs for political purposes. However, I’m not sure we can deny them because, technically, I don’t know that I can deny them simply for donating to another 501(c)(4). . . . Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.”

Employee 2: “I think there may be a number of ways to deny them. Let me talk to Sharon [Light] tomorrow about it and get some ideas from her as well. . . . This sounds like a bad org. :/ . . . This org gives me an icky feeling.”

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