Black Professor Calls Police Racist – Dashcam Video Proves She’s a Liar!

Dorothy Bland is the dean of the journalism department at the University of North Texas, and by all accounts a well regarded academician. Ms. Bland recently wrote a piece for the Dallas Morning News wherein she accused her local police department of profiling her and accosting her simply because she is African-American. In an editorial titled, I was Caught ‘Walking While Black’, Ms. Bland says that she was wrongly “delayed” by police while taking a leisurely walk through her upscale Dallas/Ft. Worth neighborhood.

Here’s what she said happened that fateful morning:

Yes. In the words of Sal Ruibal, “Walking while black is a crime in many jurisdictions. May God have mercy on our nation.”

Knowing that the police officers are typically armed with guns and are a lot bigger than my 5 feet, 4 inches, I had no interest in my life’s story playing out like Trayvon Martin’s death. I stopped and asked the two officers if there was a problem; I don’t remember getting a decent answer before one of the officers asked me where I lived and for identification.

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