‘Black Lives Matter’ Activist Turns Out to Be White

It’s a Democrat thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King found himself getting some unwanted attention this week after a story came out that he might have “misrepresented” (another word for lied) himself as black to none other than Oprah Winfrey in order to win a scholarship to the historically black Morehouse College.

He lied to a whole bunch of people, in fact, but it’s fibbing to Oprah that brought down the wrath of blogger Vicki Page and others upon King’s head.

The blogger accused King of lying on his application for the scholarship and then lying to Oprah’s face. Oprah only gives scholarships to black men.

Page followed up on rumors about King’s parentage and did her own research into his family history. She wrote that King’s birth certificate lists him as having a white father. He had previously described himself as having a white mother and black father.

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