Bernie Sanders Campaign Tells Reporters They CAN’T Ask Him About ISIS

When Senator Obama sought to become President Obama, he promised repeatedly to operate in a transparent manner. For too many years, the people were excluded from the decisions that would most affect them and this behavior runs contrary to the very premise upon which our republic was founded.

Since ascending to the Oval Office, however, Obama has operated with a level of secrecy not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union.

As Americans consider who should become our next president, they are left with few liberal choices. Hillary Clinton has continued to maintain her fiercely-snippy and adversarial relationship with the press (and her fans) and Bernie Sanders’ campaign is all sizzle and no steak- he talks a good game about populism and giving the power to the people, but crusades for tremendous governmental control and maintains a less-than-open relationship with the press.

In fact, on Tuesday, Sanders’ campaign spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, bullied the press and announced that nobody was allowed to ask about ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group wreaking havoc in the Middle East and who is connected to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and San Bernardino, California.

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