Bernie Sanders Calls For Totalitarian Gun Confiscation

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (a pro-gun state, for the record) recently said on the 1/17 edition of NBC’s “Meet The Press” that “we need to make sure that certain types of guns used to kill people, exclusively, not for hunting, they should not be sold in the United States of America.”

“Coming from a rural state, I think I can communicate with folks coming from urban states where guns mean different things than they do in Vermont where it’s used for hunting,” he said.

Calling for a ban on all firearms “used to kill people” and “not for hunting” implies a ban on all guns, period.

The Vermont senator, like other anti-gun activists, failed to mention that Americans purchased 170 million new guns since 1991 and the crime rate has since dropped 51%. He also never mentioned that “gun control” failed in cities like Chicago where someone is murdered every three hours.

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