Baltimore Mayor Apologizes to Rioters for Calling Them ‘Thugs’

As Baltimore burns, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is turning the flip-flop into a high art form, to the point where she is now apologizing to the rioters for calling them “thugs.”

She stated early Monday that police were instructed to allow “those who wished to destroy space to do that.” By Monday evening, facing heavy criticism from residents and business owners, she walked back from those comments.

As the city was in flames Monday night, Rawlings-Blake spoke freely on CNN about “thugs” and “criminals” who were destroying what so many had worked so hard to build in the city, even as Marxist professor Marc Lamont Hill said the rioters were just expressing “righteous anger” and should not be called thugs.

By Tuesday, the mayor again walked back from her previous comments.

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