Atheists Outraged Over School Football Team’s Baptism

Atheists with the Freedom From Religion Foundation are outraged that a school football team coach allowed some of his team players to be baptized.

No one would have said anything, and no cared about the baptisms until a “concerned citizen” complained about them. Not long after that concerned citizen registered his complaint, the FFRF sent their letter of rebuke to the school district. (I wonder if that “concerned citizen” was the FFRF.) They’re offended that this particular school football team hasn’t embraced humanism as its religion of choice.

CNS News reported:

Mark Heaton, the football team’s head coach and the school’s athletic director, told the Franklin County Times that several students on the football team had asked to be baptized after one of the team’s captains, Austin Kitterman, had suffered life-threatening injuries in a four-wheeler accident only a few days before.

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