At Least 100 Americans Have Fought for ISIS; Some Have Come Home

You read that title right. At least 100 Americans have travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS, and some of them have already returned to living in the comfort of our dear home, the USA. I’ll wait until the seriousness of that settles in and you realize what this terrifying news actually means.

Men (and perhaps some women) who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS are currently living and walking about freely within our nation. Men who sided with monsters who were beheading children, raping women, slaughtering Christians and destroying whole cities are just walking around as if none of it ever happened. They are driving to the local grocery store, worshipping in their local mosque, sending letters at the post office, watching CNN and MSNBC from the comfort of their air-conditioned American homes.

Can you think of anything more disgusting or unjust?

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