At A Mosque, Bernie Sanders Exploits The Holocaust To Rant Against Republicans

The Holocaust, the Nazi’s “final solution” to the “Jewish question” will forever be a black mark upon the history of humanity. More than just murder, it was wholesale slaughter on an industrial scale and it can never be allowed to repeat.

Donald Trump’s proposal, on the other hand, is a proposal aimed at strengthening our national security by temporarily suspending immigration for Muslims entering the country.

See if you can spot the difference between Trump’s proposal and the Holocaust. It should be fairly easy.

Still, despite the fact that Trump’s proposal is rooted in a desire to “circle the wagons” in these times of global terrorism and dedicated jihad, 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has opted to sully the memory of 6 million murdered Jews by evoking the Holocaust as a political weapon to smear Trump and his proposal.

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