Assad: Russia is the Only Defender of Christianity That One Can Count On

Exclusive. The editorial director of Valeurs actuelles, Yves de Kerdrel, is currently in Damascus, Syria, where he was able to meet Bashar al-Assad, who granted him an exclusive interview following on the attacks that have struck France.

Yves de Kerdrel : How do you react to the terrorist attacks that have struck France tonight?

Bachar el-Assad: What has happened is terrible. France will not be able to fight against terrorism as long as it is allied with Qatar, or with Saudi Arabia.

Yves de Kerdrel : The question of your departure, demanded by certain ones, is it still relevant?

Bachar el-Assad: The question of my departure is not posed except in international conferences. The question of my departure depends uniquely on the will of the people and parliament of Syria. Those who want to destroy Syria want most of all to destroy the last secular state in the region. Secular is our identity. It is essential for the Near East.

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