Armed Sheriffs Asked to Disarm or Leave at Oklahoma Capital

While it is true that Oklahoma voters have rejected Obama’s vision for the country across all seventy seven counties, there still remains a big liberal influence. This was demonstrated the other day as a state senator demanded county sheriffs disarm themselves before entering the capital for an annual “meet and greet” with legislatures. Among those asked to leave was Wagoner County Sheriff, Bob Colbert.

Sheriff Colbert is one of many county sheriffs and other law enforcement officials who have made it perfectly clear to President Obama that his gun control efforts will not be enforced in their jurisdictions. In other words, these honorable men understand the significance of their oath of office. They understand the constitution and the power it gives the people, not the government. They understand that good people exercising the right to keep and bear arms are nothing but an asset to their efforts in fighting crime, and they understand a disarmed populace is a helpless populace. This is why Sheriff Colbert and Oklahoma’s other elected sheriffs, when faced with the prospect of either disarming or leaving the capital, chose to leave fully armed with their honor intact. Good for them.

Let me say this loud and clear. Sheriffs of Oklahoma, patriotic Oklahoman’s have got your back.

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