American Muslims Prove Dr. Carson was Right

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson’s suggestion that he wouldn’t support a Muslim as president, given the conflict between Islamic law and the U.S. Constitution, caused an onslaught of the predictable outrage from the left. He’s been excoriated as “anti-Muslim,” “bigoted,” even “anti-American” and unfit for office. Some, like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), went so far to demand he withdraw from from the presidential race — ironically, almost as if to prove the candidate’s point.

What’s more surprising perhaps is the outpouring of support for Carson’s comments, both from large numbers of GOP voters eager to fund him, but also the likes of former radical Islamist Tawfik Hamid. The doctor of internal medicine, who advocates against radical Islam, stated earlier this week, “I can state unequivocally that Dr. Carson is correct. Without a single exception, the approved Islamic literature teaches violent principles such as killing apostates, beating women, killing gays, and enslaving female war prisoners for sexual purposes.”
And now, further support for the merit of GOP candidate’s controversial comments comes from Muslim-Americans themselves — a majority of whom openly ADMIT they prefer Shariah law to our U.S. legal system. Further, nearly a quarter believe the use of violent jihad is JUSTIFIED in establishing Sharia.

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