US Leadership Fail: French May Take Lead & Pull Plug on Iranian Nuc Talks

As children, many of us enjoyed the Lewis Carroll tale of Alice in Wonderland. We loved the talking animals, which made no real sense. Everyone loves the Cheshire Cat and his circular logic. Yet, it is not half as fun when the Cat is played by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. He would have us to believe that up is down.

Reuters reports:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday talks with Iran on curbing its nuclear program have made “genuine progress” and it was time to make “hard decisions” to reach a framework accord.
“We are not rushing … but we recognize that fundamental decisions have to be made now and they don’t get any easier as time goes by,” Kerry said.

Kerry has not mentioned the things that the Iranians need to do to come closer to a resolution. Did you catch that? It was not, “We know that a lot needs to be done and we hope that Iran will make the hard decisions.” John Kerry’s comments were not directed at the Iranians but at congress and the other members of the negotiations. Members such as France.

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