America Under Attack by the EPA – The Cold War is Hot and Getting Hotter in 2015

The report details what they generously describe as an “ambitious” 2015 agenda for the EPA. Overreaching and economically devastating also accurately describe the nature of their mandates.

In the wake of the newly proposed regulations on ozone emissions, the EPA is finding itself coming under much-needed scrutiny. They didn’t anticipate having to justify their actions. They had drafted their regulations secure in the knowledge that Harry Reid would protect them from Congressional oversight. Thanks to a surge of Americans who have awakened to the damage Obama and the socialists are doing to our nation, there is a new Republican sheriff in town. Reason and common sense will now have a place in the discussion as well.

Jay Timmons of the National Association of Manufacturers says of the ozone restrictions, “That means a cost that is borne by American citizens, by American consumers, by increasing the cost of energy, increasing the cost of doing anything in this country and limiting our ability to grow and expand and create jobs.”

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