All White Students Banned From College’s “Diversity Event”

South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, WA, held a feel-good diversity event, in which they explicitly banned white students from participating. This news must surely have come like a slap in the face with a wet fish to the white social-justice warriors at the school who sincerely believed that if they debased themselves and ingratiated themselves and prostrated themselves before the “people of color” (colored people) at their school by constantly railing against their own fellow whites, they’d be accepted by those “coloreds.”

Not so, honky. “That space is not for white people, that space is for people of color,” said Karama Blackhorn, program coordinator for the school’s Diversity and Equity Center (they have “diversity and equity centers” at schools nowadays).

Because white liberals don’t pay attention to anything not involving themselves, they’re actually shocked to learn that this is the genuine attitude of their black classmates. They’re probably thinking, “You’re turning your backs on us and sticking with your own kind? But, but…we berated and rejected our own kind to make you happy!”

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