AG Loretta Lynch – Democrats Not Responsible For Inner City Crime, The Schools Did It

What is happening with the parasitic urban centers of America is that, in spite of their incessant failures, the socialist Democrats continue to be supported and subsidized under a false humanitarian label by the producers of America. It is federal wealth redistribution from those who are willing to work and do what it takes to find a job wherever they can find one, to those who prefer to sit on the couch and watch Oprah. They might be persuaded to take a job if an employer walked up to their door with an offer, but it had better be a good one.

If the Democrats in charge had chosen to become doctors they’d be guilty of malpractice and be standing amid heaping piles of corpses. Having chosen political careers, they are still guilty of malpractice and feeding a massive body count. Marxism doesn’t work but a misdiagnosis of the problem will hide the true root cause.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch blames the public schools, who are dealing with a lack of discipline and respect for policies and the law from their hoodlum students. It is they, she claims, who are at fault for eliminating the offenders from their populations in the interest of educating the other students and their safety.

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