A&E Adds Fake ‘Obscenity Bleeps’ to Duck Dynasty and Censors Out Jesus’s Name

A&E’s Duck Dynasty is the most popular show on Cable TV. People adore the Robertson family, which is close-knit, hard-working, funny, clean-living, and deeply faithful.

The problem for A&E is that it doesn’t truly understand what makes Duck Dynasty so great. In Hollywood, there’s little respect for clean-living, clean-talking people of faith. So Hollywood did what Hollywood does: it tried to erase these hallmarks of decency.

The Robertson’s may not be swearing, fighting people, but they won’t back down from a just battle either. Watch as Willie and Phil Robertson talk about how, very politely, they set the A&E people straight when their editors added “bleeps” to cover non-existent swearing, and then deliberately censored Jesus’s name.

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