Admiral Ace Lyons – Reject Iran Deal Then Impeach Kerry And Obama

Retired Admiral Ace Lyons addressed the thousands in attendance at the “Stop Iran Now” Rally on July 22nd in New York City. Lyons delivered a no nonsense assessment of what has taken place in the Obama regime’s dealings with Iran and offers some equally direct suggestions as to what now needs to happen.

Lyons opens by saying, “Never in my lifetime did I believe I would witness this great country of ours being taken down and withdrawn from our world leadership by our own administration; unbelievable. And when it comes to Iran, I’ve been chasing those guys for over thirty-five years.” He goes on to describe the many times he “had the planes loaded” to wipe them out, but each time, regardless of whether there was a Republican or Democrat in the White House, they all failed.

Lyons said, “They failed because we were sabotaged from within.” He includes the current Iran agreement in that number, saying, “This agreement is another example of sabotage from within. It is a total sellout. Of course, that doesn’t bother the likes of Secretary Kerry because this is the second time he’s sold out his country.”

As for Obama, Lyons describes the deal as his “Neville Chamberlain, peace within our time moment; ridiculous.” He adds, “We don’t have an agreement. What we have are terms of surrender. We guarantee Iran will have a nuclear weapon capability and just as important, we guarantee that they will have the most modern conventional weapons, which could jeopardize our position in the Persian Gulf.”

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