Abortion Doctor With Ties to Eric Holder Gets Four Years for Fraud

A Georgia physician who performed abortions in a building owned by the wife of U.S. attorney general Eric Holder was sentenced to prison March 21 for Medicaid fraud.

“DeKalb Superior Court Judge C. J. Becker sentenced Tyrone Cecil Malloy, M.D., to four years in prison and six years’ probation on two counts of Medicaid Fraud,” according to anews release from the office of Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens. “Malloy was found guilty by a jury on both counts of the indictment on March 10, 2014, following a two-week trial.”

“Malloy was the owner of Old National Gynecology, a medical practice devoted to the performance of first-trimester elective abortions,” the state AG’s office said. “Federal funds may not be used to pay for abortions and services associated with abortions, except in circumstances under which the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest or circumstances under which continuation of the pregnancy would endanger the life of the mother. The Georgia Medicaid program is supported by state and federal tax dollars. For several years, Malloy engaged in a scheme to defraud Georgia Medicaid by billing for office visits associated with abortions and for ultrasound procedures (that) were never performed. In total, he fraudulently billed Georgia Medicaid for over $386,000.”

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