Whoa. China Won’t Let Muslims Fast for Ramadan!

China is giving the Islamic world a taste of its own medicine by refusing to allow the Muslim minority to practice their religion as they see fit.

I will never, ever advocate that freedom of religion should be infringed upon… but I will admit to feeling a bit of a pleasure to see some in the Muslim community being forced to suffer the same sleights that Islamic governments commit against Christians and other religious minorities in the Islamic world.

As Ramadan begins, China’s atheist government is taking extreme measures to stop its 20 to 30 million Muslim citizens from keeping the religiously mandated daytime fast.

Chinese attempts to suppress Islam have focused on Xinjiang, a majority-Muslim province in the country’s far west. Xinjiang’s locals, the Uyghurs, have their own language and culture. Some Uyghurs prefer calling Xinjiang “East Turkestan” and favor independence from China.

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