Walgreens Fires Pharmacist Who Refused to Sell Abortificants

Religious liberty law firm Thomas More Society has filed a federal lawsuit in Tennessee on behalf of former Walgreens pharmacist Philip Hall, alleging Hall was unfairly fired because his faith would not permit him to sell the Plan B morning-after pill over the counter.

Hall worked for the Jamestown, Tenn., location for six years prior to his August 2013 termination. His attorneys say the store permitted him to opt out of filling prescriptions for abortifacients Ella or Plan B when they were prescription drugs.

Hall, a Baptist, said he couldn’t fill those prescriptions because, “they can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.”

That arrangement apparently changed last year when the Food and Drug Administration allowed Plan B to be sold over the counter. Hall’s attorneys say that at an employee meeting on the change, his supervisors asked him what he would do if he was asked about the drug.

50 thoughts on “Walgreens Fires Pharmacist Who Refused to Sell Abortificants

  1. I stopped shopping at Walgreens about two or three years ago when I found out the way they think about so many things. This is just one more reason to be glad I did.

    1. If your RELIGIOUS Convictions even if they are so idiotic to suggest an zygote is a living person prevent you from doing you job you should not be in that job I say a good for Walgreens!

  2. Walgreen has a right to fire an employee that does not follow company guidelines, rules and regulations….On the other, we as customers, have the right to take our business elsewhere and tell them to “pound salt” where the sun don’t shine…Money talks …cow manure walks!!!

    1. I’ll bet if he was a muslim and didn’t want to sell bacon it would be A-OK as it is at Target in MPLS, MN !!!
      So what is the difference you might ask?
      Duh oh, the other guy is a “Christian”… too bad, so sad!

    2. walgreen should be ashame for firing there employee when he believes so in his faith it has always been money talks and poor man walks

    3. Private to a religion are one and obey rules in a job are another, in that case was right fired. If he not obey a rules any job place have he loose.

  3. It must be difficult. You choose a field where you can help people to get the proper medicine to regain health. You think you have entered a field where that concept cannot change. Then it becomes a way for you to become an abetor complicit in the murder of babies. That would be awful.

    1. That pharmacist NEEDS to sue walgreens for violating his religious rights and forcing him to be a part of MURDER of an unborn CHILD. How would you like to have been aborted?! How can people use chemicals to abort/terminate a human life and not use precautionary measures to avoid pregnancy.

        1. Trust me, had abortion been legal, obama would have been a splat on the floor. His mother was a sleeze, who would not even take care of her demon seed.

        2. Why cant people see a double standard here?If it was a muslim or any other race or religion there would have never anything been done about it.We must not offend any other race or religion unless its christinity.If christinity its ok to offend Christians because our God is a God of hate.

  4. As a pharmacist for 42 years, I have seen a lot of changes in health care. This is just the latest. CVS stops selling tobacco and they are heralded as making a bold move for health care. A pharmacist makes a moral decision about not being involved in killing and unborn baby and he is fired. It speaks to where we are in the death spiral of our culture. It is a spiritual battle. If there is no God, then all things are permissible.

    1. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of moral pharmacists. I know that overwhelmingly most pharmacists only concern is helping people which should include that tiny person in the mother’s womb.

  5. I’m sitting here, reading this…and all I can do is shake my head. As for the sexual promiscuity — with the baby-killing “morning-after pill” — I wonder at America’s young peoples’ morals. Surely God sees this. Do these sexaholics even know about Hell?

  6. Freedom of religion has become a joke to this administration and their suck-ups. Very sad. Perhaps when judgment time comes, these people will have to answer for their misgivings.

  7. YouTube-Illuminate What What they have Done and Plan on doing(2014)and after you all watch this then you need to get closer to through Jesus Christ ur One and only Savior!Here is two other sites that will help you understand more .-Undeniable Evidence Alien Do Not come from other Galaxies -The Speech You were Never supposed to see. May GOD ILLUMINATE YOU FROM THIS message.

    1. I am from Ontario and come to Port Huron every two weeks to shop and I do not want to buy or go into Walgreens unless they come to their scences.I am a Christian conservative and we are in the end times and people have to make their choice either His Magesty Jesus CHRIST or the devil forever.I would hope folks make the right choice.Our time is short!

  8. Unfortunately, as much as I am against abortion as a means of birth control and this morning after pill, the man agreed to work at Walgreens, he agreed to take their money to do a job. Now if the duties within that job become against what he believes, then he is free to leave that job, that is where freedom of religion comes in and all our freedoms. No one forces us to do anything we don’t want on our own time. Once you agree to take money for something, you are bound by the beliefs of the person you are taking the money from. You cannot both take a person’s money and then not do the job that you took the money for. What would be the difference at that point of a stock worker saying my religious belief does not allow me to touch cardboard, is the company then supposed to accommodate that as well?? I’m sorry but this guy is free to go get a job elsewhere where they don’t sell these drugs, or find another line of work. He was not forced to sell these drugs, like in some countries where they have none, his life may have been put on the line or maybe they would have physically or mentally abused him til he gave in and did it, none of that happened, they simply let him go so he could find work elsewhere that did not conflict with his beliefs. Lets not forget people who are actually suffering for their beliefs and get passionate on that, not some guy who does not want to do the job he is paid well above average to do.

    1. What about the people that own their own business, being sued because they stand up for their religious beliefs,( the photographer, the baker)the judges sided with those sueing them. They do not have the ability to just walk away from and employer.

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