9 thoughts on “Video: John Kerry Compares Global Warming to Terrorism and WMDs

  1. I consider both Kerry and Obama to be terrorists to America. They spit out their evil and think they are above the laws of our country and spread their evil worldwide. How dare they tell Isreal how they must do as they say.

  2. Obama, Joe Bite Me, John Kerry and the entire demoncRAT party are the fifth column and a clear and present danger to the United States of America and the freedoms we still have left.

  3. I don’t find the comparison to be apt. Terrorists normally hit once, and pose very little danger for the future. Unless they achieve nuclear status, global warming, which threatens the planet, will have far greater consequences.

    There are these evil people – some call themselves Democrats but most are Republicans – who say that global warming has not been “proven.” We have to prove that countless people will suffer and die before they lift a finger to deal with the problem. Of course, they have never denied that smog and pollution causes asthma and cancer in our cities; or that dumping pollution in the water causes leukemia as well as other cancers, especially to young people. So I guess we will just call them the pro-cancer party, and much worse then terrorists.

    1. It is a good thing no one listens to you because you are just like kerry & obumbly – STUPID! It is not that Climate Change has not been proven, It has been proven to be totally Fraudulent dreamed up by another Greedy Idiot, Al Gore, who has made millions off of scaring people into believing that we need to ruin our Economy in order to stave off any Idiotic idea of a Climate Change! And polluting the Air and Water are not Climate Change Dumbo!

  4. Kerry cares about only one thing: Kerry. He is a sham man and arrogant, self-centered, and elitist; just EXACTLY like the Woman who preceded him as Secretary of State and the man who appointed BOTH of them to that office. He is UNQUAKLIFIED to be in the position he is in. It is nothing more than a patronage award with sour consequences for us all that he is where he is. That is not my personal opinion alone. Much is made of his “tour in Vietnam, then his opposition in the VVAW and with scum like Hanoi Jane Fonda and Al Hubbard. Here is a direct quote from the commander of all Swift boats in Vietnam during Kerry’s 1968-1969 tour which began in November ’68 and ended in mid February of ’69:
    ” I do not believe John Kerry is fit to be commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of his JUDGMENT, RELIABILITY,
    The man making this statement was the commander for that year of ALL swift boats in Vietnam, Rear Admiral Roy F. Hoffman(USN
    The source is the book by Jerome Corsi and Kerry’s replacement in PCF-94, John E. O’Neill and is supported by 200 men who served with Kerry and despised him, both personally and professionally. I suggest to you, obtain a copy of the book and refer to the collective letter signed by them which explicitly condemns him for his actions both in and out of Vietnam as a liar and political opportunist who knowingly besmirched honorable men and women who served with honor and character, loyalty and duty he did not possess. This group is collectively called Swift Boat Veterans For truth. This man was my Senior Senator until being tapped for the present position and I NEVER have had any use for him. Neither should ANY honorable citizen; especially those od us who served in Vietnam and yes, I was THERE with the 199th light Infantry Brigade at the same time as Kerry, having begun my tour six months BEFORE he arrived in country and disgraced himself while dishonoring OUR service. He is a threat to our culture, freedoms and our very Sovereignty and he most certainly should NOT be in the position he holds. Remember in November and Vote out every incumbent in BOTH parties as their non-performance and enmity toward all American Citizens and veterans in particular rivals Kerry’s and, is in the minds of those of us who served with HONOR: treasonous!

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