Tennessee Moves to Ban Implementation of ObamaCare

Tennessee state lawmakers have decided to step up and take on Obamacare in the Volunteer State.

The U.S. House of Representatives tried to defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act several times last year, and we’ve seen various congressional moves to repeal it. But in the current political climate, there is no way to stop implementation of Obamacare through action in Washington D.C.

In the meantime, the federal bureaucracy continues to move full speed ahead implementing President Obama’s signature legislation. The disastrous rollout, including a the website meltdown and millions of Americans losing insurance they wanted to keep, raised Americans’ skepticism, but it has not slowed the administration’s relentless push to intertwine the Affordable Care Act into the fabric of American life.

5 thoughts on “Tennessee Moves to Ban Implementation of ObamaCare

  1. Let’s all pray and stand up with our Congressional and Senate Leaders to get rid of this TYRANICAL LAW!! I do not want anybody telling me how to spend “MY MONEY” on anything I don’t want or can afford. If this goes into full affect, we will all be in a “World of Hurt”. The Best Country in the world will become “3rd RATE” and we will ALL become poor!

  2. The federal government has no business in our local schools. It has over and over violated the 10th amendment, usurping the states. Educating our kids to be in lockstep with the government is dangerous, and reflects the Obama’s administration’s ideology of exerting federal control.
    ” The Tenth Amendment states the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people.” Wikipedia

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