Teachers Told to Teach ‘All Right Wing Groups’ Are Fascist

Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore, author of “Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against Common Core,” exposed some of the more distressing aspects of the controversial Common Core education standards program, saying that all teachers must tell young students that all right-wing groups are fascist.

Moore highlights how it is not just the reading lists and course materials — which have already attracted a large amount of criticism — that need to be examined by parents. It’s also the teaching notes and standard curriculum; the notes and standards come as part of a comprehensive package. Moore noted through his research that a distinctly political slant is introduced, one which dictates not only what children are taught, but also how they should be taught.

“For example, take the novel Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is a great classic, we all know it,” he told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview. “Just because it’s part of our culture.”

34 thoughts on “Teachers Told to Teach ‘All Right Wing Groups’ Are Fascist

  1. Stalin would be proud. He called everyone he didn’t like a ‘right-wing fascist’. But when you’re as far left as Stalin, EVERYONE is to the right of you.

  2. Well, I hope the nitwit who gave that directive had some definition of “right wing” since I’m not aware of any standard definition. I also recommend “Left Wing Fascism” to anyone who thinks that fascism is a right wing phenomenon — there is NOTHING conservative about fascism.

    1. Typical Left Wing Liberals & The obama Administration running America’s Educational System into the ground as they continue to dismantle America. They fear the U.S. Constitution, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.

  3. I don’t get it … never have and probably never will … What is the GAIN with the Hate America left? Where is the GAIN with the mainstream media selling out to the Hate America First crowd? What is the GAIN in teaching children to Hate America?

    Did our system and standards of morality not bring us to be the country with the highest standard of living EVER? For Christ’s sake even our so called POOR have a roof over their head, a car in the driveway, food on the table, a TV in the living room and an indoor toilet (except in downtown San Francisco of course!), and access to health care? YES, access to health care! It is posted in every ER in every hospital in the country that you CANNOT be turned away! Somehow obamaidon’tcare overlooked this little fact. And these were NOT obtained through welfare! Since this ass has been in office the welfare rolls have GROWN, the food stamp program has GROWN, the number of jobless has GROWN, the number who can no longer “keep their health insurance if they like it” has GROWN, the ease of government spying on the individual citizen has GROWN, the targeting of people and organizations the administration doesn’t like has GROWN!

    And now the number of children in this country being taught to Hate America First is GROWING!

    What a shame the moronic masses don’t get it!!!

    1. Richard, the reason you don’t get it is because you are rational. Thanks to David Horowitz as a guest on John Stossel’s program on Fox a while back, I learned about Saul Alinsky and it shocked me to my core. You see, Saul was a sociologist who also happened to be pathological and he wrote a book in the 1930’s that became a rallying cry for the beatniks and later the hippies. The name of the book is Rules For Radicals. In short, it has been the bible of the radical left for over 50 years now. What it professes is that people in this country are getting the short end of the stick by mainstream American politics and capitalism. The only people can actually be free is if they tear down the system from within. If you hate the Army, join the Army… preferably as an officer so you can fight for gay rights, women’s rights, etc… If you hate the Catholic Church, become a priest and molest children. If you hate traditional family values, become a teacher and destroy the family values of the children in your charge. If you hate the United States, become a lawyer and corrupt the justice system or best of all; run for office! A person truly has to be a sociopath to see the logic, but you can inoculate yourself and others by reading up on this monster. He may have been Satan incarnate and his adherents are truly demons! er, Democrats!

  4. Still the Obama White House is spreading lies ,to cover for their own failures ,scandals , lies to the American People about Obamacare . Obama and Democrats told the American People for 3 years .If you like your Doctor ,you can keep it . If you like your healthcare plan ,you can keep it .Period ! Three years of lies , The Tea Party only promise, Smaller government, less taxes ,by reducing government . Whit smaller government comes jobs ,because businesses will have money to hire people again . More and more people have become unemployed over the last 5 years . Because companies have been taxed to death, which means less jobs and Opportunities . College student have been promised Hope and Change . They been promised Forward , for 5 year . All you ended up with is empty pockets and no money in your hands . Now most of you are at home with your parents again in your old room or basement . With no hope or Opportunity , You will have to decide for yourself like I did with President Carter . Democrats promised a lot and never delivered . You can continue to vote for Hope & Change ,or move on to lower taxes ,smaller government, and a opportunity for a job . Join the Tea Party !

  5. Since these teachers have a fiduciary responsibility to the public (parents & students) and take taxpayers’ monies for it, they need to be sued for educational malpractice.

  6. Well that is about par for the Marxists course. The radical lefts’ strategy has always included not just LYING but saying exactly opposite of the truth.
    This is just one more case in point. One more step in the liberal / progressive strategy of De-evolution from Liberty for All to State-ism, to Marxism to Communism and its’ crushing enslavement of all Mankind. The radical left in our country are nothing less than Communist scum.

  7. So the people in charge of common vote don’t even know what fascism is. I assume they mean “conservative” when they say right wing. Anyone with a high school education should know that fascism is a big government principle.

  8. That’s why more people are into home schooling to avoid these kind of idiotic fools. Teacher’s unions and tenure prevent getting rid of these kind of nutcases.

  9. For the past five years (as of today) the Obama Administration has relied upon just about every immature plan to keep his name in the news and force his plans on everyone else.
    This is just a partial list but I recall how he held Social Security benefit increases hostage, how he used “Executive Order,” as a way to bypass Congress (why THEY allow it is beyond me, except Congress is probably on Obama’s side, in this (covertly, of course).
    That means they’ll never (absolutely NEVER) impeach Obama; and, if someone did impeach him, the Senate would never convict him.
    So, we’ll have to fight man’s fire, with Holy fire, from Heaven. I am still convinced that if every Christian would join together, praying for righteousness to sweep the land, righteousness would prevail .. it always does!

    The problem is this: America’s Christians have become so lackadaisical (for anyone, who doesn’t know the definition of that word, it is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as, “lacking spirit, livelihood or interest”) and are just willing to sit back and let come what may.

    We may have a little more than 3 1/2 years before the Great Tribulation begins. It’s time to catch fire and not be one of those Laodicean Christians, whom the Lord spoke of, when he mentioned those, whom He said were neither cold nor hot and promised to spit them out of His mouth, which I just realized is to spit them out of the Body of Christ.

  10. I LAUDE, PRAISE AND ROLL A RED CARPET FOR YOU: Hillsdale College and YOUR professors! They are a wonderful intellectual, stellar group of enlightment! Hillsdale College…we NEED more of your kind around!
    Next to my Alma Mater, You will always be my 2nd home!

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