Obama Complains He's 'Constrained' By the Constitution

obama disappointed2 President Obama had a few remarks to make today in Colorado, as he celebrated the fact that Colorado passed some of the strictest gun control legislation in America, severely affecting Second Amendment rights.  He is very excited about what Colorado’s extreme laws, characterizing them as “good news.”  But why Obama’s speech got attention was because, as he usually does, he set up a straw man and then proceeded to demolish it to advance his own interests and ideology.  Thus, Obama said: You Read more [...]
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Shock: All But 2 Public Mass Shootings Since 1950 Have Occurred in 'Gun-Free Zones'

gun free zone2 So, it’s not exactly a shock to most of us. It’s just common sense. Put yourself in a criminal’s position. You feel like shooting and killing a bunch of people, and you want to be met with as little opposition as possible. If you go to a place that allows concealed carry, there’s a risk that someone could take you out before you start shooting, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Naturally, you’d go to a place that has heavy restrictions on gun-carriers. That’ll pretty much Read more [...]
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$6 Billion Vanishes From Hillary's State Department

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The State Department made public a special “management alert” in which Inspector General Steve Linick warned  that “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years.”

According to the report, some $6 billion has gone missing during those past six years.

Hmm. Let’s see, who was in charge of the State Department during most of that time?

Eh. What difference does it make?

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Democrat Congressman Making $174,000 Claims He's Underpaid

Jim Moran1 The average salary of the American people is around $45,000. Members of Congress make a minimum of $174,000. They bring in a bit more every year if they are in leadership. Americans who were forced into the Obamacare exchanges that they didn’t want by the Democrats in the House and Senate are forced to pay the exorbitant costs on their own since employer contributions are not allowed. Congress, however, received an exemption from Barack Obama in exchange for the passage of his health care law. Read more [...]
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University Teaches Students ‘How To Be A Lesbian in 10 Days or Less’

lesbian studie An upcoming LGBTQ seminar at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USCU) will teach students How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less and will focus on LGBTQ cultural mores. According to the school’s website, theater artist Leigh Hendrix will perform her one-woman show,How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less, to kick off the sixth Bodies of Knowledge Symposium and Conference. The show is a one-hour performance that follows Butchy McDyke, a motivational speaker and expert lesbian, as Read more [...]
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Muslim Brotherhood Mobilizes to Elect Democrats

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Announces Educational Initiative The terrorist front group known as "The Muslim Brotherhood," which has relentlessly infiltrated every level of Obama's incredibly treasonous administration (seehere, here, here, here, here, and here) has set the stage for the creation of an official U.S. political party with the stated goal of mobilizing and uniting Muslim voters against American interests. The idea, according to Nihad Awad, of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, is to turn Sharia-supporting Islamists in the US into Read more [...]
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After-School Program Tells Student He is Not Allowed to Read Bible, Threatens Confiscation

bible If schools and school-related groups are going to enforce the so-called “establishment” clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution, it is incumbent on them to learn what the law says and doesn’t say. This issue arose last week when a lunch room supervisor at a Florida elementary school erroneously told a five-year-old she was not allowed to pray before partaking of her noonday meal. And now it has come up again. This time, the incident involved the reading of the Bible. Read more [...]
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US Welcomes 19 of Nigeria’s Muslim Governors but Blocks Visa of Lone Christian Gov

visa I’ve reported for over a year now about the brutal slaughter of over a thousand Christians by radical Muslims in Nigeria.  Like many nations in the area and in the Middle East, Nigeria is predominately Muslim.  There is a significant Christian population that lives in the northern regions of the African nation.  However, Nigeria’s Muslims are determined to eradicate their country of any and all Christians. In mid-November last year, Ann Buwalda, Executive Director of Jubilee Campaign Read more [...]
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Obama’s Endless Lies Will Not Save Obamacare

pants on fire “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln The longer I’ve waded in the cesspool of politics, the more I’ve come to realize just how deep it is. The depth of a lie is infinite, and it’s arms welcoming. Our country has become so ravaged by the incessant immorality of liberalism, that we cannot tell the truth from a lie. We are lost in an ever expanding landscape Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Prevent Jihadi Terrorists From Entering U.S. As UN Ambassadors

terrorists Hamid Aboutalebi is Iran Ambassador to the U.N…. aaaaaaaaaaand a terrorist. He participated in the 1979-81 hostage crisis at the US Embassy in Tehran. Former hostage Barry Rosen said it would be “like spitting on us” if the Iranian “diplomat” was granted entry. Ted Cruz is introducing a bill to ban Aboutalebi from entering the U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced legislation on Tuesday, S. 2195, to prevent known terrorists from obtaining visas to enter the United States as ambassadors Read more [...]
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Mozilla CEO Pressured to Resign Because of His Pro-Traditional Marriage Beliefs

Mozilla ceo Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich has stepped down, the company said on Thursday, after an online dating service urged a boycott of the company's web browser because of a donation Eich made to opponents of gay marriage. The software company came under fire for appointing Eich as CEO last month. In 2008, he gave money to oppose the legalization of gay marriage in California, a hot-button issue especially at a company that boasts about its policy of inclusiveness and diversity. "We didn't act Read more [...]
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George Soros’ Real Crusade: Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S.

soros marijuana Billionaire philanthropist George Soros hopes the U.S. goes to pot, and he is using his money to drive it there. With a cadre of like-minded, wealthy donors, Mr. Soros is dominating the pro-legalization side of the marijuana debate by funding grass-roots initiatives that begin in New York City and end up affecting local politics elsewhere. Through a network of nonprofit groups, Mr. Soros has spent at least $80 million on the legalization effort since 1994, when he diverted a portion of Read more [...]
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