Democrats to Pass Bill Overturning Hobby Lobby Decision

senate democrats Well that didn’t take long. Senate Democrats are preparing to bring a bill to the Senate which will effectively overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in the recently decided Hobby Lobby case. The Supreme Court ruled that a “closely held” business like Hobby Lobby could indeed handle their business suing their religious principles as a guiding force. For Hobby Lobby, that meant the government could not force them to pay for certain kinds of birth control which could be described as abortifacients. Read more [...]
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UN Urges US To Designate Immigrants As 'Refugees'

un United Nations officials are pushing for many of the Central Americans fleeing to the U.S. to be treated as refugees displaced by armed conflict, a designation meant to increase pressure on the United States to accept tens of thousands of people currently ineligible for asylum. Officials with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees say they hope to see a regional agreement on that status Thursday when migration and interior department representatives from the U.S., Mexico, and Central America Read more [...]
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Appeals Court Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Get Driver’s Licenses

illegal immigrant license A federal appeals court ruled Monday that young adult illegal immigrants whom President Obama has given tentative permission to be in the country — so-called “dreamers” — are also entitled to driver’s licenses and ordered Arizona to issue them. The ruling comes while the government is debating policy about a new wave of illegal immigrant children who are surging across the border in Texas, overwhelming federal authorities’ ability to handle them. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer blasted Read more [...]
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Sarah Palin Says It’s 'Time to Impeach' Barack Obama

sarah palin Just when you think former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin couldn’t possibly do anything more to make conservatives fall in love with her, she hits those on the right with Cupid’s arrow by calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama. While Obama has done plenty to warrant impeachment since first taking office in 2009, it’s his recent orchestration of the border crisis and the massive influx of illegal aliens into the country that has Palin saying enough is enough. In 2013, President Obama created Read more [...]
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Trey Gowdy Gets $3.3 Million Budget to Expose Obama on Benghazi

trey gowdy2 Nearly two years after the Benghazi terror attack that claimed the life of four Americans, there are still a number of unanswered questions surrounding what happened before, during, and after the attack. About two-thirds of Americans want Benghazi to be fully investigated, so Speaker of the House Boehner tapped South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy to head up a Benghazi Select Committee to look into all aspects of the event. The Committee has already begun working, quietly for now, consolidating and Read more [...]
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The Case That Could Send Obamacare Back To The Supreme Court

obamacare cast Conservatives have enjoyed judicial victories over the past couple of weeks. Harris v. Quinn saw the Supreme Court limiting the power for pubic sector unions to collect dues, albeit it was a very narrow ruling; as was the Hobby Lobby decision that granted religious exemptions to “closely-held corporations.” Yet, another case could put the entire health care law back in the crosshairs. It’s still yet to be decided by the D.C. Court Of Appeals, but Halbig v. Burwell (formerly Sebelius) could Read more [...]
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Texas Judge Clay Jenkins: We’re Not Going to Tolerate 1st Amendment Protests Against Illegals

texas judge Earlier today we reported that riot squads are now being promised in Murrieta California. If sources are accurate, those squads are supposed to be arriving today. Now news is breaking that Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has gone door-to-door, to some 300 residences, to warn of what is coming to their neighborhood and to a school in Grand Prairie. He is making it clear that no one will be stopping buses without law enforcement stepping in. Infowars reports: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Read more [...]
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Amnesty and Open Borders Becoming Obama’s Katrina

katrina The gullible fools in the national mainstream media are absolutely amazing. These are grown adults who presumable make rational decisions every day of their lives, and yet they are naïve enough to consume the shovelfuls of manure being served up by the Obama regime without batting an eye or asking the most obvious, rational question. This Washington Post “expert” talks about the “problem at the border with the kids” as if it is an inevitable situation and something other than an orchestrated Read more [...]
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Costco Removing D'Souza's 'America' From Shelves

costco1 The retail giant Costco Wholesale has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed. The book, in this midterm election year, is a strong rebuttal of the progressive ideology behind President Obama’s policies, which have been supported by Costco co-founder and director Jim Sinegal, a major Democrat donor and a speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention Read more [...]
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Obamas Have Spent Over $44 MILLION in Taxpayer Dollars on Vacations

obama vacation A shocking new report from government watchdog group Judicial Watch shows just how hypocritical and out of touch the Obamas are, particularly regarding the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on their vacation travel versus their constant talk about income inequality, the struggling middle class and the poor. The outrageous sums of money that are spent on travel, by both Barack and Michelle, have led citizens to call for Congress to defund Michelle Obama‘s White House budget. Trey Gowdy has also Read more [...]
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Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’

walter cunningham Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham has described climate alarmism as fraud, while presenting a preview of his upcoming Heartland presentation scheduled July 7-9 to MRCTV. “Since about 2000, I looked farther and farther into it,” Col. Cunningham (USMC, Ret.) tells MRCTV in an exclusive interview. “I found that not one of the claims that the alarmists were making out there had any bearings, whatsoever. And, so, it was kind of a no-brainer to come to the conclusion.” Cunningham blames Read more [...]
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Feds May Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protestors

illegal immigrant protestors As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving. The protesters remain there, adamant that illegal immigrants don't get dumped in their town. But soon the concerned citizens may be forced to step down--Breitbart Read more [...]
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