Doomed AirAsia Flight Pilot’s Last Words Were ‘Allahu Akbar!’

air asia captain The last words of AirAsia flight QZ8501 have finally been revealed and they are startling. The doomed flight crashed into the Java sea on a trip from Surabaya to Singapore on Dec 28, 2014. Nurcahyo Utomo, who is one of the experts examining the black box recordings uncovered from the wreckage, said it’s tough for him because he knew the pilot personally as he revealed those words, reported Yahoo News Singapore. “We are listening to a recording that represents the last moments before Read more [...]
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IRS Complains About Budget Cuts, Forgets The Back Taxes IRS Employees Owe

koskinen IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, infamous for his defiant congressional testimony about the inappropriate targeting of conservative tea party groups, is warning that budget cuts to the agency will cause delayed refunds, more identity theft, long wait times for help and a possible shut down of the agency. More from Forbes: With a week to go before tax season opens, taxpayers were already bracing for a potentially “miserable” filing season. It turns out that it could live up to the hype. Internal Read more [...]
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Do Black Lives Really Matter to Black Leadership?

sharpton jackson I hope this makes all the race-baiters squeal. They can save their ink and they can save their time; I will not apologize for speaking the truth. Someone needs to expose the frauds. For most of my life I bought into the white-guilt that the media so diligently worked to shove down my throat. Most white-Americans are still programmed to feel guilty for the way that blacks have been treated as if we are each individually responsible for their plight. This is why Sharpton and his ilk are so powerful Read more [...]
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5 Free Things Illegals Get Under Obamacare

free stuff2

1. Free food! The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as “food stamps” is widely utilized by the illegal immigrant community.

2. Free education! American taxpayers are footing the bill for educating every illegal immigrant under 18 years old who chooses to attend a public school.

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White House: Obama Will Fight Media To Stop Anti-Jihad Articles

obama jihad After ignoring the global jihad for the whole of his presidency, his silence amounted to nothing short of support. And that support let to empowerment and jihad success in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. Now that the Jihad is raging, thanks in large part to his islamophiliac foreign policy, Obama's solution to the bloodshed and the carnage is — don't report it. If a tree falls in the woods and the media doesn't cover it, then it doesn't make a sound. Obama was elected President, Read more [...]
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Breaking: Sheriff Joe Wins Big In Lawsuit Against Obama on Immigration

sheriff joe A federal appeals court has ordered an expedited schedule for a case brought by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio against President Obama over his amnesty program that is being implemented even as the case progresses. The order released Wednesday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said the brief for the appellants is due Jan. 29, and the government’s brief in defense of amnesty will be due March 2. “Due to the expedited nature of this case, the court will Read more [...]
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VIDEO: CNN Editor Compares Muslims in France to Blacks in Ferguson

cnn editor In a laughably ludicrous diatribe, CNN’s religion editor explained his startling belief that France was to blame for the recent slate of terrorists attacks at the hands of Islamic jihadists. On Wednesday, CNN religion editor Daniel Burke compared the plight of Muslims in France to that of blacks in Ferguson, Missouri- two groups who the left is quick to allege are downtrodden. When Burke was asked if the supposedly-poor treatment of Muslims in France played a role in the terrorist attacks, Read more [...]
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Convicted-Democrat-Pedophile Sworn Into New Congress

pedophile A newly re-elected Virginia lawmaker hitched a ride from the jailhouse to the statehouse to be sworn in, even as legislative leaders discussed how to throw him out. Del. Joseph D. Morrissey, who spends his nights in jail because of a sex scandal conviction, was back in his familiar legislative arena Wednesday but with a whole new set of circumstances: Colleagues ignored him, he was stripped of committee assignments, he had to give up his old office, and his desk on the House floor was put in a Read more [...]
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Muslims Call Christian Woman 'Unclean' – Her Response Got Her a Death Sentence

'unclean' woman Personally, I'm so sick and tired of hearing how Islam is a "religion of peace" and how it is tolerant and all the taqiyya nonsense it spews. Last year, Pamela Geller covered Asia Bibi's plea to Pope Francis as she sits on death row, awaiting to be hanged for insulting Muhammad, and her insult was even greater than that of Charlie Hebdo. Asia Bib is in Pakistan and under Sharia law, she was convicted of the crime of blasphemy and sentenced to be hanged in 2010. She is a wife and also a mother Read more [...]
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GOP Manifesto: 'Not a Dime' for Obama Amnesty

Sessions At the end of 2014, President Obama boasted that the year was the strongest for job growth in the U.S. since the 1990s and “businesses” have added 11 million new jobs over 57 months, and the Washington Post’s “The Fix” fact-checker concluded his statements mostly were true. But unmentioned by Obama was another federal report concluding that all net employment gains since the Obama recession have gone to foreign workers while 1.5 million fewer U.S.-born Americans have jobs now. The report Read more [...]
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Muslim Extremists Make Death Threat Against FB's Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg2 In the wake of the Paris shootings which ended in the deaths of at least four civilians and three radical Muslim terrorists Mark Zuckerberg has come forward and revealed a story of how a Pakistani man wanted him put to death because he wouldn’t stop certain content about the Muslim prophet Mohamed being put on Facebook. Two of the terrorists holed themselves in a newspaper companies headquarters out of protest for a cartoon that they had published depicting the prophet Mohamed. They did not know Read more [...]
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Pelosi Names Muslim Lawmaker To House's Select Committee on Intelligence

andre carson Talk about inviting the fox into the hen house! I thought Republicans ran the Congress? Why is this bitch naming anyone to anything Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced in a closed-door meeting she would name the first Muslim lawmaker, Andre Carson, to the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Politico: A senior Democratic aide said Rep. André Carson of Indiana would be named in the “coming days” to the key national security-focused panel. The California Democrat told lawmakers Read more [...]
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