Thousands Rally in Support of Kentucky Clerk Who Refuses to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

religious freedom On Saturday, thousands rallied at the Kentucky Capitol in support of Kim Davis and other Kentucky clerks who are standing on their deeply held religious beliefs and refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. While the Lexington Herald-Leader reported the crowd at 2,500, others in attendance said the crowd was at least 7,000 based on a conservative estimate. One even estimated the crowd at 10,000. The following is an Amendment to Kentucky's constitution: Only a marriage between one man Read more [...]
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Obama Heads To Mexico To Discuss Taking Away American Gun Rights Via UN Treaty

gun rights Any way you slice this, if Obama finds a way to pull it off, it will be violent and bloody. Obama is shooting to implement a global gun registry. That means if you own guns and are forced to register them, you will go on a list. A list that can be used by blue-helmeted UN troops that could go door to door in the US seizing guns. There are millions of ex-military, Oath Keepers and American citizens in the US that own guns – most will not comply or submit meekly to this. Obama does not constitutionally Read more [...]
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Arkansas Democrat Switches to GOP Because of Planned Parenthood

arkansas demo As the truth about Planned Parenthood is revealed to those who believed it was simply a women’s healthcare organization, people are turning away, disassociating themselves with a baby parts trafficking business which even harvests organs from born alive infants. Today, Arkansas State Representative Mike Holcomb joined the list of defectors by leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Republican Party. Holcomb, from Pine Bluff, a two-term legislator, said: I’ve chosen to join the Republican Read more [...]
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University of Wisconsin Director of Community Relations Says Shoplifting 'Not a Crime'

wisconsin university At a University of Wisconsin Madison panel dealing with “Best Policing Practices,” UW Director of Community Relations Everett Mitchell recommended that police stop responding to shoplifting and theft at Wal-Mart and Target as a way to reduce what he refers to as, “over policing” of the community. In his introduction, Mitchel argued that communities should be able to decide for themselves what laws should be enforced. He argued that the ultimate goal of law enforcement is not the actual Read more [...]
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Hero Airman Nominated for Non-Combat Award After Train Attack

hero The Air Force will nominate Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone for the Airman's Medal, the highest award for bravery outside of combat, the service's secretary said Monday. Stone, together with Oregon Army National Guard Spc. Alek Skarlatos, a civilian friend and a British civilian, halted a gunman on a passenger train from Amsterdam to Paris last week, tackling him to the ground before anyone was injured in the attack. "Had it not been for this heroic quartet, I'm quite sure that today we would Read more [...]
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Black Minister to 'Black lives Matter': Why Are You Not Cleaning Your Own Community?

black lives matter2 The outspoken minister at West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Jonathan Gentry, came out swinging Saturday on Black Lives Matter, asking the group: “Why are you not cleaning up your own community if black lives matter?” “Where were they at in Chicago?” Rev. Gentry asked Fox Business host Charles Payne. “Where were you at in Baltimore? Where were you at in Ferguson last week when 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden was shot dead in her own home in that drive-by shooting on Tuesday night?” Gentry Read more [...]
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Liberals Furious Over Bruce Jenner Halloween Costumes

jenner halloween With homosexual and transgender issues always at the forefront, whether we like it or not, it's a relief to know that now your kids will have a gender-fluid option for this coming Halloween: Halloween probably isn’t the best time to deal with an incredibly sensitive subject like gender reassignment. But that hasn’t deterred a major company from conjuring up a Caitlyn Jenner costume in time for Oct. 31. Spirit Halloween, the company behind the pop-up costume stores that appear all over the Read more [...]
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The Obama Administration in Tough Spot on Immigration after Judges Ruling

immigrants crossing border Many conservatives feel as though the administration would allow any and all people into this country. They have taken the side of illegal advocates on almost every issue. Under Obama, we have seen a growing number of catch and release incidents. Many times these releases are leading to further acts of crimes committed by these illegals. But, now it has been ruled that the administration is not releasing mother and child fast enough. The Washington Times reports The Obama administration Read more [...]
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Muslim on US Aircraft Carrier Tried to Sell Military Secrets

muslim on ac carrier More problems with the religion of Muhammad surface as a naturalized American citizen, who worked for the US Navy, has been arrested after attempting to sell secret technological information to and agent of the Egyptian government. Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, was indicted by a grand jury on December 3, 2014, according to Department of Justice Documents. The agent he attempted to sell the secrets to was a federal undercover agent, who was working for the FBI. The Navy Times reports: According Read more [...]
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The Real Winner Of Obama’s ‘War On Coal’: George Soros

soros The real winner of President Barack Obama’s so-called “war on coal” isn’t the Environmental Protection Agency, nor is it the natural gas industry. It’s liberal billionaire George Soros. Last week, Obama’s EPA announced sweeping regulations for U.S. power plants, forcing them to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions 32 percent by 2030. The news sent shockwaves through the coal industry, sending stocks tumbling and forcing the industry’s two biggest players to consider bankruptcy Read more [...]
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Boston University Prof Blames U.S. for Islamic State Sex Slavery

boston university professor

Here again we suffer the intellectual depravity of the left. And worse, this is what teaches our children. This is what governs our country. This is the cultural cesspool we find ourselves mired in.

The anti-American hatred seething from the left is the decades-long cancer eating away at the soul of the nation.

Is it any wonder an enemy of freedom like Obama was elected, not once but twice?

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California Debates Economy Destroying Bill to Reduce Gas Consumption by 50 Percent

high gas prices2 California lawmakers are attempting to reduce gas consumption in the state by fifty percent “to achieve ambient air quality standards and the state’s climate goals,” according to the text of Senate Bill 350. To reach this lofty goal, the brilliant representatives of the people of the state of California want to place additional regulatory authority in the hands of the California Air Resources Board, a group of bureaucrats, who would then decide exactly how to force citizens to comply. Some Read more [...]
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