Clinton WH Officials: We Were Told to Find Monica Lewinsky a Job After Scandal Broke

lewinsky A senior official in the Bill Clinton White House was instructed to find a graceful exit for intern Monica Lewinsky after the scandal of her Oval Office affair made global news and endangered the Clinton presidency. Among documents released Friday by the Clinton Presidential Library is an email from Patsy Thomasson, then director of the White House Office of Administration, to two deputies, explaining that they were to help Lewinsky find a job in the Department of Defense. 'Our direction is Read more [...]
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Costly Internet Tax Could Be On The Horizon

internet tax Web users will face billions of dollars in new taxes if Congress allows a ban on Internet taxes to expire in December. The Internet Tax Freedom Act prevents state and local governments from taxing Internet use and has been reauthorized every three years since 1998. If it is not reauthorized in December, consumers and businesses could face $14.7 billion in new taxes, according to a new American Action Forum report. Extension of the ban has wide support in Congress; but this time, it could be Read more [...]
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Democrat Presidential Martin O’Malley Says, 'WiFi is a Human Right'

martin I thought I’d gotten used to all of the things Democrats seem to believe are rights… but I hadn’t. The Democrat Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, recently told CNN that he believed WiFi was a human right. “Baby boomers and older were often told that if we specialize in terms of our skills, we will be more secure and prosperous, that the definition of ‘making it” was living out in the suburbs as far way as possible with the biggest lawn possible,” he said. “Young people Read more [...]
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Attorney Confirms Feds Helped Throw the Election in Obama's Favor

obama laughing Following the rise of the Tea Party and the 2010 elections, the IRS began targeting conservative groups, many believe on orders from President Obama himself. The targeting involved delaying applications for 501(c)4 tax-exempt status, which allows people to deduct their donations from their taxes. The targeting also resulted in an increase in the number of conservatives being audited by the IRS. As Congress and watchdog groups have dug for evidence of the obviously criminal activity, the IRS Read more [...]
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US Congressman Who Supports Muslim Brotherhood Wants To Fund Muslim Terrorists

congressman When it comes to Congressional representatives for the adjacent 8th and 11th districts of Virginia, there has been a distinct alliance with a certain Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosque and individuals. From the mid-1990's until he left office in 2009, Rep. Thomas M. Davis (R-VA) rubbed elbows with the Chairman of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA. Davis' Democrat successor Congressman Gerald Connolly (D-VA) has picked up right where Davis left off. Among other things, earlier this year, Read more [...]
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Gwyneth Paltrow: We Should Give Obama All the Power He Needs

paltrow Actress Gwyneth Paltrow lavished praise on President Barack Obama Thursday night during a Democratic National Committee fundraiser that took place at her Los Angeles home. Speaking at the event, which had tickets starting at a minimum of $1,000 for the reception and $15,000 for the dinner, Paltrow introduced the president by saying, “I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest.” The famous actress, joined by her children, continued to shower Obama with compliments. According to Read more [...]
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Reporter Body-Slammed for Asking Harry Reid a Question

reid angry3 'How does someone on a government salary most of their career accumulate your type of wealth?' A celebrity reporter whose “gotcha” interviews have captured the likes of former IRS executive Lois Lerner has learned that asking some questions brings a distinctively negative response. This time it was from a bodyguard for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. As Reid walked away, his protector slammed the reporter, Jason Mattera, who later posted video of the altercation online. Mattera, Read more [...]
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Lack of Support for Obamacare Continues to Sink Democrats

aca Yesterday we brought you the news that a newly released study showed that Obamacare would reduce employment by 3%, but maybe even more important, the study showed that about 46% of the American workforce would be NEGATIVELY affected by the Obamacare incentives that were causing the reduction. That news ties in nicely with a couple of new articles out today. The dueling pieces are both bad news for President Obama and his Democrat cronies. First, Obamacare has never been popular with the majority Read more [...]
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Pilot Claims He Was Fired for Not Signing Away His Constitutional Rights

pilot We are all aware of the Obama administration's orchestrated invasion of illegals across our southern border. There is no debate in the matter that it was purposeful. We have also been aware that this lawless administration has paved the way for tens of thousands of Muslims from Syria to receive asylum via New Jersey. Earlier this year, a pilot by the name of Dennis Welky claimed that he was fired because he would not sign a waiver of his constitutional rights. In January 2014, Welky said that Read more [...]
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Report: 4 Islamic Terrorists Found in Texas in last 36 hours

terrorism at border A noted Washington watchdog organization on Wednesday said four “Islamic terrorists” have been caught in Texas after coming into the U.S. across the Mexican border in just the last 36 hours. Judicial Watch announced its sources within the Department of Homeland Security say the arrests were made by federal authorities and the Texas Department of Public Safety in McAllen and Pharr. The announcement came only hours after a member of Congress, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., disclosed in a TV Read more [...]
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Nebraska Teachers Told To Call Kids 'Purple Penguins' As 'Boys And Girls' Is Not 'Gender Inclusive'

nebraska teacher Nebraska school district has instructed its teachers to stop referring to students by “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls,” and use “gender inclusive” ones such as “purple penguins” instead. “Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys and girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention,” instructs a training document given to middle-school teachers at the Lincoln Public Schools. “Create classroom names Read more [...]
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GOP Rep: ‘At Least Ten ISIS Fighters Have Been Caught Coming Across The Mexican Border’

isis at border Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., says that at least ten fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have been apprehended while attempting to enter the southern U.S. border. The California Republican claims that “at least ten ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas,” in a conversation with Fox News on Tuesday. Hunter says that the Islamic terrorists are slipping into the U.S. through the porous southern border as several have already been captured. “There’s Read more [...]
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