Is it Always Wrong to Discriminate?

Choose-love We’re seeing a radical push by so-called Progressives to redefine human nature by an appeal to the God who created the natural world and all things in it. You may have seen this meme: When did using your religious beliefs to discriminate against others become a Christian value? Choose love. This is an example of the loaded question fallacy, “When did you stopped beating your wife?” The question assumes something that is not in factual evidence. The person being asked the question is Read more [...]
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Will Conservatives Capitalize on Boehner's Resignation?

boehner crying With John Boehner’s resignation, House conservatives got their wish. The question now is what they’re going to do with it. The members of the House Freedom Caucus have the broad outlines of a plan — unify behind their fellow conservatives who have the best shot of securing a leadership position, and, in a sign that headaches over a potential government shutdown are not over, keep up the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said he imagines conservative members Read more [...]
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Hillary Flipped Out On Obama, Told Him to “Call Off” His “F***ing Dogs!”

Hillary and Obama Wow. It would appear that things are not all well in the land of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While no one has ever considered the two politicians to be close personal friends, we at least thought that they were probably amicable partners in America’s destruction. Apparently, we were wrong. A new book by Edward Klein called “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary” outlines the details of one particularly explosive confrontation between Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of State) and President Read more [...]
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Atheists Apoplectic about County Sheriff Putting "In God We Trust" on their Vehicle

sheriff-car-913x512 Atheists are once again in a tizzy over government property donning religious references. The Henderson County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee put decals on their vehicles that read “In God We Trust.” Someone must have gone to the Freedom From Religion Foundation for rescue. The FFRF sent the Sheriff’s Department a letter, telling them that those decals have no place on government property. They told the department to remove the decals at once. Sheriff Brian Duke responded with a letter Read more [...]
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America's Forgotten (On Purpose) Christian History

Embarkation-of-the-pilgrims Islam is antithetical to Christianity and the founding of the United States. Anyone who is curious about America’s history should know this. But because of our government schools and the claim of religious neutrality (atheism), most public (government) school students have never been introduced to America’s Christian history. What follows is a small slice of that history. The first order of business of the newly formed first United States Congress was to appoint chaplains. The Right Reverend Read more [...]
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Wounded Vet Explains How Obama is Building and Training a Muslim Army

obama shh1 Division 30 is a U.S. training program assigned by President Obama for Syrians in Turkey, also known as the “Moderate” Muslim Rebels. The program is designed for them to learn our tactics, maneuvers for combat against ISIS, and we even issue and teach them how to use our weapons. The second class of the “Moderate” Muslims Rebels graduated from the program two days ago. Yesterday they returned to Syria to take the battle to the enemies that are overrunning their country. Well, at least Read more [...]
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More than 700 Killed and Over 800 Injured during Muslim Pilgrimage Near Mecca!

Hajj Stampede 2 In another incredible event, 700 people died in a stampede in a Muslim pilgrim city near Mecca in Saudi Arabia on Thursday. Over 800 were injured. The New York Times reports: At least 717 people were killed and 863 injured in a stampede near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Thursday morning. The deaths — at an intersection in Mina, about six miles east of the city — occurred around 9 a.m. on the first day of Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest days in the Muslim calendar, as millions of Muslims Read more [...]
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Shocking! Liberals Attempting to Normalize Pedophilia

stop abuse recently posted an article on their website titled, "I'm a pedophile, but not a monster." It included the byline "I'm attracted to children but unwilling to act on it. Before judging me harshly, would you be willing to listen?" Todd Nickerson is the author and yes, he honestly and openly admits to being a pedophile. "My name is Todd Nickerson, and I'm a pedophile," he wrote. "Does that surprise you?  Yeah, not many of us are willing to share our story, for good reason.  To confess Read more [...]
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New Jersey Takes Man's Legally Owned Guns - the Reason why is Ridiculous!

gun rights In an incredibly unconstitutional and downright unlawful action by a New Jersey court, a man who had possession of his grandfather's World War II M1 Carbine rifle because it is considered an illegal assault weapon. reports: The New Jersey State Police seized Danny Burt's M1 carbine and 20 other firearms in April 2013 after a temporary restraining order was lodged against him. Burt lost his 21 firearms and firearm purchaser's identification card, per the Domestic Violence Forfeiture Read more [...]
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Joe Biden says 'Abortion is Always Wrong' but Supports Baby Murder Anyway

biden yelling When then candidate Obama chose Joe Biden as his VP, the topic of abortion came up. Biden is Roman Catholic, and if there is a consistent voice of opinion in the Church it’s that abortion is a grave moral wrong. Biden has taken what he describes as a “middle-of-the-road position”: “I remember vividly the first time, in 1973, I had to go to the floor to vote on abortion. A fellow Senator asked how I would vote. ‘My position is that I am personally opposed to abortion, but I don’t think Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz Praises Pope Francis for Leading on Social and Religious Issues

pope waving In the past few months, we have witnessed the gravest attacks on life, marriage, and religious liberty that our nation has ever endured. Planned Parenthood is profiting from unborn babies they dismember. The Supreme Court has undermined the truth of marriage in all 50 states. And Christians are being fined, and even thrown in jail, for their faith. These recent actions are attempting to rip by the roots the tenets that have made this nation the freest on the face of the planet. Yet this Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz Calls the GOP 'the Party of Surrender'

ted cruz2 What happens in politics when one side is absolutely committed to its principles, willing to fight for them no matter the cost, and the other side reflexively surrenders on every issue? We have modern-day Washington. Today, President Barack Obama fights relentlessly for his liberal priorities. Like the Terminator, he never gives up, he never stops. And Republican leadership responds to every challenge by surrendering at the outset. President Obama demands of Congress: fund all of Obamacare, Read more [...]
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