At Least 100 Americans Have Fought for ISIS; Some Have Come Home

american isis You read that title right. At least 100 Americans have travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS, and some of them have already returned to living in the comfort of our dear home, the USA. I’ll wait until the seriousness of that settles in and you realize what this terrifying news actually means. Men (and perhaps some women) who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS are currently living and walking about freely within our nation. Men who sided with monsters who were beheading children, Read more [...]
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DARE Program Inadvertently Teaches Students How to Use Drugs

dare Bradlee Dean – commentator, radio host and presenter of hard-charging school assemblies – often is a lightning rod for controversy when he performs on American campuses, but little did he suspect he would be shut down for exposing the famed police-led DARE drug-resistance program meant to keep students clean. One of Dean's high school assembly programs – he has performed in over 335 high schools and colleges in 22 states – was shut down after he explained to the audience his contention Read more [...]
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Environmentalist Speakers Fly More Than 1 Million Miles to Attend Climate Change Summit

environmentalist speakers Environmentalists gathered in New York City on Tuesday for the UN Climate Summit 2014, which, according to its website, “will serve as a public platform for leaders at the highest level … to catalyze ambitious action on the ground to reduce emissions and strengthen climate resilience and mobilize political will for an ambitious global agreement by 2015 that limits the world to a less than 2-degree Celsius rise in global temperature.” And to attend this important meeting, speakers from across Read more [...]
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Biden: GOP to see 'Lord' or 'Lightning'

biden lightnint Vice President Joe Biden challenged Republicans to “see the Lord” or the “lightning” in regard to immigration reform during a speech he made at a reception for Hispanic Heritage month. “I’m not offering any false hope about what they’ll do between now and the election, but … I can tell you, when this election [is] over in the lame-duck session, they may see the Lord. It is possible. But if they don’t, they will see some lightning,” Biden said on Monday at the fifth Hispanic Read more [...]
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Labeled 'Too Christian,' School Library Dumps Corrie Ten Boom Books

Corrie ten Boom Pacific Justice Institute is warning a charter school in Southern California that it is violating the First Amendment by removing library books based on their perceived Christian content. A parent of students enrolled at Springs Charter Schools recently was shocked to see some of the books being targeted for removal, including the well-known account of Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place. The parent contacted PJI after library personnel explained to her that they had been directed Read more [...]
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Leftists Trash NY Streets as They Protest 'Climate Change'

trash on streets On Sunday, tens of thousands of committed leftists held “climate change” world rallies. Thousands descended on New York City, marching through the heart of Manhattan with a message of alarm for world leaders. The far left activists are worried about the effects of global warming despite the fact that the US just went through its coldest winter in a century and Antarctic sea ice is at record levels. The alarmists are worried about global warming. But, they let others worry about their Read more [...]
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WH Threatening to ARREST Agents Warning of Terrorist Attack at Border

terrorism Federal officials have threatened law enforcement agents with termination and criminal prosecution for leaking information about the threat of terrorist attacks near the Texas-Mexico border, according to a new report. The government watchdog organization Judicial Watch (JW) says that after it reported on the possibility of radical Islamic terrorists in Juarez, Mexico — just across the border from El Paso — a memo containing warning agents about leaking information “came down through the Read more [...]
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Courts Say Christian Cop Must Attend Muslim Mosque Services

christian cop What would you do as a Christian if your boss ordered you to attend a worship service at a Muslim mosque and ordered you to instruct your subordinates to also attend? Would you comply and attend the service or would you stand up for your faith, knowingly risking your job? That’s what happened to Capt. Paul Fields of the Tulsa police department back in March 2011. Home to famous Oral Roberts University, a Christian college, the Tulsa police department made a promise to local Muslims that they Read more [...]
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John Kerry Blames Mass Jihad Murders on Water Supply

john kerry defiant One day after Secretary of State John Kerry told a House Committee that ISIS is the 'enemy of Islam' he told an audience that people are killing each other all over the world because of a lack of water. While speaking at the 2014 Frontiers in Development Forum, Kerry actually said this (h/t WS): Climate change means the heatwaves we're already seeing, the extraordinary level of fires because of drought that is beyond the hundred-year mark. It's the 500-year mark. Water shortages also way beyond Read more [...]
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NY Mayor Blasts Anti-Jihad Ads as 'Outrageous, Inflammatory and Wrong'

blasio Pamela Geller zeroes in on what is outrageous, inflammatory and wrong about de Blasio’s statement: “The Mayor has bigger fish to fry. The Islamic State and al Qaeda have recently vowed to attack this city. They issued a fatwa. They called for Muslims in America, ‘lone wolves,’ to attack the city. They printed instructions in their glossy magazine. And when the future caliph was released from a U.S. detention center in Iraq, he warned his former captors, ‘I’ll see you in New York.’ Why Read more [...]
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ISIS Leader Sodomizes Eleven Muslim Recruits Then Blackmails Them if They Speak

islam leader In one interrogation by Iraqi officials of an ISIS terrorist who carried out seven beheadings. The terrorist not only confesses the gruesome beheadings he carried out, but also confesses the dark side which is virtually unknown regarding sadistic homosexual group "marriages" and rituals. In this incredible story, translates the short testimony of one of eleven recruits who were sodomized by the ISIS “prince” Abu Ala’. Abu Ala’ made a fatwa permitting himself to marry and sodomize Read more [...]
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Obamacare Architect Determines Optimal Age to Die -- 75!

obamacare architect Sometimes there are all-time lows in an administrations program. This one takes the cake. Much like a steak at the market or a carton of milk, OBAMACARE HAS NOW DECIDED THAT THE EXPIRATION DATE ON YOU IS 75! It is now clear that Ezekiel Emanuel designed Obamacare with the idea that 75 is optimal age of death. “That’s how long I want to live: 75 years. This preference drives my daughters crazy. It drives my brothers crazy. My loving friends think I am crazy. They think that I can’t mean Read more [...]
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