Al Sharpton Plans Hunger Strike Until Loretta Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General

sharpton fat Famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins said that “the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” When one has a desire to see change in the world around them, they must commit to something. What that something is depends upon the circumstances surrounding the given situation. For some, fasting is the commitment of choice. For example, Mahatma Ghandi famously fasted for 21 days on three separate occasions—once in 1924, again in 1933, and finally in 1943. Numerous Read more [...]
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Ron Paul Warns of Catastrophic 'Financial Crisis' That May Come Soon

ron paul warns I think Ron Paul is absolutely right to warn CNBC of our next financial crisis. But I’m not sure the dollar is the bubble. Despite rising stock prices and a falling unemployment rate, the United States is on the brink of a catastrophic “financial crisis,” according to former U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul. And the culprit could be the dollar. “There’s a huge bubble with the dollar,” Paul said on Tuesday’s “Futures Now.” The Dollar index, which measures the dollar against Read more [...]
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Obama Military: Over Half of Soldiers Polled Are Pessimistic, Unhappy In Their Job

soldier sad More than half of some 770,000 soldiers are pessimistic about their future in the military and nearly as many are unhappy in their jobs, despite a six-year, $287 million campaign to make troops more optimistic and resilient, findings obtained by USA TODAY show. Twelve months of data through early 2015 show that 403,564 soldiers, or 52%, scored badly in the area of optimism, agreeing with statements such as "I rarely count on good things happening to me." Forty-eight percent have little satisfaction Read more [...]
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Administration Gave Social Security Numbers to 541,000 Illegal Aliens

social security for illegals Social Security numbers (SSNs) were given to 541,000 illegal aliens, according to Carolyn Colvin, acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA). In a March 12 letter, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) had asked SSA: “How many individuals have applied for SSNs as a result of the June 15, 2012, memorandum issued by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano entitled ‘Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion with Respect to Individuals Who Came to the United States as Children'?” “By Read more [...]
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Reid: GOP Field a Bunch of ‘Losers'

reid eye patch Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called the GOP presidential field “losers” and compared Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to a “lump of coal” in a Wednesday interview. Reid said he wasn’t worried that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a significant challenger in the Democratic primary. “I am not a big fan of primaries,” he said. “I don't think they help, especially when you're someone as noted as Hillary.” He was less kind to the Republican contenders. “I don't really Read more [...]
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Congressman Trey Gowdy Demands Answers on Influx of Syrian Refugees to South Carolina

syrian_refugees Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., has sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding information about the reported pending move of dozens of foreign refugees from Syria, North Africa and elsewhere into South Carolina. Gowdy is chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee responsible for the refugee resettlement program overseen by the State Department. Yet, he says in the letter, he was kept totally in the dark about the proposed resettlement of refugees into his own district in Spartanburg, Read more [...]
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Clinton Associate Says He Killed People For Bill & Hillary!

hillary shh We’ve all heard of or read about the many people who, it is said, were murdered on orders of Bill and Hillary Clinton. (See, for example, the website Arkancide.) But the deaths are the stuff of rumors — until now. On September 24, 2013, on the Pete Santilli radio show, a former longtime Clinton associate named Larry Nichols admitted that he had killed people as the Clintons’ hit man or murderer-for-hire. Larry Nichols (LN), a former Green Beret, was a longtime associate of Bill Clinton Read more [...]
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TSA Employees Fired Quietly for Sexual Assault

tsa3 The TSA can’t worry about sexual assault; they have to prioritize the agency’s reputation. Let me speak to my male readers. If a strange man groped your genitals against your will, you would call that sexual assault. You might respond with force and/or with pressing charges in court. I think all my women readers would agree with your interpretation. Of course, I’ve referred to TSA gropings as sexual molestation ever since they started doing them. If you think I am exaggerating, this Read more [...]
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Pelosi Claims Declaration of Independence Demands Big Government

pelosi angry2 According to former Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), "Obamacare, equal pay and President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration are fulfilling the Founding Fathers' vision from the Declaration of Independence." Pelosi honed in on the phrase "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" to declare these "legal and executive" steps were in keeping with honoring the vision and vows of our founders. Unfortunately, Nancy left out a few details, along with the "long train of abuses" Read more [...]
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Hank 'Guam Could Tip Over' Johnson Claims 'Open Season on Black Men'

hank johnson1 “It feels like open season on black men in America and I’m outraged. In fact, all Americans are at risk when bad actors in law enforcement use their guns instead of their heads. Despite bipartisan nationwide calls for action and despite my bills to reform the broken grand jury process and despite my colleagues’ bills to encourage body cameras, this Congress does nothing. No hearings, no blue ribbon commissions, no nothing. I would like unanimous consent to enter this list of people killed by Read more [...]
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DoD: The Bible, Constitution & Declaration of Independence All Contribute to Sexism

dod According to Department of Defense "sexism course," the Bible, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence contribute to sexism. Yes, you heard right. Obama's Defense Department just took a major open shot at the sacred text of Scripture, along with the founding documents of the united States. The course was put together by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. According to their mission statement, they are supposed to "enhance mission readiness from development through Read more [...]
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Top Hollywood Obama Donor Gweneth Paltrow To Live Off Food Stamps For One Week


Paltrow’s pompous self-righteousness is vomit-inducing.

She plans on living off the $29 SNAP allowance, failing to notice that the “S” in SNAP means ‘supplemental’, that every family that has it, also has other sources of support.

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