Carl's Jr. CEO Says 'Obamacare Has Caused Millions of Full-Time Jobs to Become Part-Time'

Carl Jr's Critics of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s health care law, have assembled a long list of complaints about the law. One provision that’s getting increasing scrutiny these days is the penalty on employers who don’t provide their workers with health insurance. For workers who are on the job at least 30 hours per week, companies must offer health coverage or be hit with a financial penalty. The Obama administration twice delayed enforcement of this requirement, but it finally Read more [...]
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Al Gore Wants to Ban Cars in Cities

al gore mad If you live in a major city and own a car, you might not be able to keep your car in the city, or you might have to give up your car all together. You see, former Vice President Al Gore and his current partner in crime, former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, are looking to obtain $90 trillion dollars in order to ban cars from all major cities. Gore and Calderon, presenting a report from the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate (GCEC) at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, argued Read more [...]
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Obama to Visit Saudi King After Curbing Domestic Oil Expansion

Barack Obama didn’t have time to travel to France in observance of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. He doesn’t have time to meet with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, either.But it seems Obama is willing to make time to visit Saudi Arabia — and bearing quite a gift in the process. He’s traveling to Saudi Arabia Tuesday “to meet with new King Salman to pay respects after the death of King Abdullah,” and announcing the closing down of even more domestic oil production potential while on his Read more [...]
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John Stossel Translates Obama's State of the Union into Plain English

stossel sotu Fox Business’s John Stossel had a lot to say about President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech. Stossel live posted to Facebook helpfully translating what Obama just said… into what Obama really meant. While you may be under the impression that our politicians should just say what they mean – sadly, that is not an impression that our politicians share. Oftentimes they will simply say whatever it is their constituents want them to say but in a manner that leaves them “wiggle room” Read more [...]
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National Taxpayer's Union Reveals Shocking Cost of Obama's SOTU Programs

obama sotu President Obama’s “tone-setting” State of the Union (SOTU) Address was intended to hit both sharp and conciliatory chords, but the notes the President struck in between would increase spending by $40.967 billion per year, and none of his proposals would decrease spending. That’s the conclusion of National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s (NTUF’s) 15th line-by-line cost analysis of the President’s speech. “If the country is looking for a message in this year’s SOTU, it’s ‘more Read more [...]
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What Charles Manson & Islam's Mohammed Have In Common

manson mohamad I like to refer to Islam as equivalent to the Manson Family on a global scale. Just how accurate is that? Let’s take a look. Ali Sina is a renowned ex-Muslim author, and founder of He writes, “I see Muhammed as a psychopath and Allah was nothing but his own alter-ego. He invented this bugaboo deity to fool people and ride them. Allah is no god and even if he was, Muhammed did not receive any revelations from him. Muhammed was a deranged man. He concocted this whole Read more [...]
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Carrie Underwood Sings to Her Unborn Child, Infuriating Pro-Abortion Liberals

underwood By now, we all know that Carrie Underwood is a devout Christian who is unafraid to express her religious beliefs in the public square. But after what Underwood said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (below), liberals and atheists will hate her even more! Underwood shared personal thoughts about life with her husband – hockey player Mike Fisher – as she is pregnant with an expected arrival in the spring. Throughout the interview, Underwood treats the unborn child as a person with real feeling Read more [...]
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NY Asks Citizens to Voluntarily Register Their Weapons; Sheriff Says Toss Forms 'in the Trash'

oathkeepers I have to tell you that I like this sheriff! Fulton County, New York Sheriff Thomas Lorey volunteered his county to participate in a pilot program that asked gun owners to go online and register each of the guns they own. However, Lorey did so with a specific purpose and that was to send a message to the bureaucrats in Albany, including the governor. What message did he want to send? "We will not comply." "I'm asking everyone that gets those invitations to throw them in the garbage because that Read more [...]
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Army Officer Gets 19 Years in Levenworth for Defending Troops Against Islamic Jihadists

clint First Lieutenant Clint Lorance never imagined that following the rule of engagement to save not only his life, but the lives of his fellow soldiers against Islamic enemies would result in him spending nearly two decades in prison. But it did. Lorance, 30, had been trained to make split-second decisions and his training culminated in a real-life scenario in July 2012 when he and his squad were on a foot patrol in southern Afghanistan. He had just been made Platoon Leader after his predecessor had Read more [...]
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Democrats Kick and Scream As Border Security Bill Cruises Through the House

border fence1 The House version of a Border Security bill cleared committee Wednesday night, after frustrated Democratic committee members ran out of ways to effectively stomp their feet. Members of the Committee on Homeland Security met soon after 2 p.m. Wednesday to consider and debate potential amendments to the “Secure Our Borders First Act,” before passing it through to the House. Chairman Michael McCaul introduced the bill Friday, saying it would beef up border patrol capabilities, and establish an Read more [...]
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Ex-Muslim Confesses of Slaughterhouses Used to Harvest Organs of Christians for Profit

christian persecution1 This may be one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever had to report on. The intrepid and brave Walid and Theodore Shoebat are reporting on a story out of Albania that has been breaking over the last couple of months. Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are apparently kidnapping Christians in an effort to harvest and sell their organs before killing them. A Serbian Christian and former Special Forces officer tipped them off to the insidious story. “They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — Read more [...]
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Islam Experts: No-Go Zones Looming for America

sharia law3 The “no-go zones” in some Western nations, where law enforcement has lost control because of the influence of Islamic law, are coming to America. That’s according to several Islam experts interviewed by WND who believe the kind of Muslim enclaves that have developed in Europe due to a lack of assimilation will eventually arise in the U.S. as the Muslim population grows. The contention that “no-go” zones exist is controversial, as evidenced by the widespread ridicule that arose when Read more [...]
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