150 On Flight from Mexico Allowed to Skip Customs, Leave JFK Airport

jfk terminal What airheads! Airline and security officials at Kennedy Airport let 150 passengers arriving from an international flight leave the airport without going through customs, the Daily News has learned. American Airlines Flight 1671 arrived at JFK from Cancun, Mexico, at 8:50 p.m. Friday. When the plane landed, passengers walked out of the airport without having their passports or bags checked by Customs and Border Protection, sources told The News. A source familiar with the matter said Read more [...]
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White House Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers

isis warning The Obama White House is giving ISIS a 45 minute warning before bombing their oil tankers by dropping leaflets advising potential jihadists to flee before air strikes in Syria. “Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: air strikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,” the leaflet reads. The leaflet drops are justified under the premise that the oil tanker drivers might be civilians and not ISIS recruits, Read more [...]
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VIDEO: Sean Hannity Posts 4-Minute Clip Of Obama Admitting His REAL Feelings About Islam

sean hanity

President Barack Obama has never been short of praise for Islam. In fact, his love affair with Islam is so intense that many have even wondered aloud if the president himself is a Muslim.

However, it’s impossible to realize just how intense Obama’s feelings for Islam actually are until you take a look at just how many times Obama has waxed ecstatic about the “religion of peace.”

Post Continues on conservativetribune.com

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Mega Health Insurer, United Healthcare, Plans to Exit Obamacare

united healthcare Health insurance giants Anthem and Aetna are standing behind their ObamaCare plans one day after a top competitor warned it might pull out of the exchanges. In a statement on Friday, both companies backed their 2015 forecasts and said they remained committed to the exchanges. It’s a move from both companies to reassure investors feeling uneasy after the stunning announcement from UnitedHealthcare on Thursday about financial concerns it says are being caused by ObamaCare. UnitedHealth Read more [...]
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FINALLY: GOP Rep Finds Some Guts, Publicly Accuses Obama of TREASON

ann wagner A Republican congresswoman is unhappy with President Barack Obama’s handling of the Syrian refugee issue in the United States so, in a gutsy move, she vocalized some strong opinions about the president this week. According to BuzzFeed News, Representative Ann Wagner spoke bluntly Friday in a radio interview when she said that President Obama “stood up for ISIS” when he criticized GOP leaders in their call to disallow Syrian emigration to the United States. “Here is what disgusts me, Read more [...]
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Pelosi: Obama’s Right, ISIS is Contained

pelosi7 Would it surprise you to find out that the U.S. government actually wanted organizations like ISIS to thrive in Syria for the express purpose of isolating the Assad regime and overthrowing them? To most people, I imagine it would come as a surprise, since all the talk that we’re hearing now from Washington is that we’ve got to fight ISIS and prevent them from carrying out attacks on American soil. We’ve got to do whatever is necessary to contain them. According to official documents obtained Read more [...]
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California Teacher Forces Students to Sing Islamic Fight Song!

stop muslims More outrage has been heard from parents after a California teacher had her students sing an Islamic "fight song." The teacher, who was not identified (and why, we don't know), wrote a song about Islam to the tune of "Fight Song." She claims it was a "catchy way" to teach about Islam. Here are the lyrics: Like a sandstorm on the desert, sending camels into motion. Like how a single faith can make a heart open, they might only have one God, But they can make an explosion. All those things Read more [...]
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University Of Minnesota Votes Against 9-11 Ceremony As Not To ‘Offend’ Muslims

university of minnesota According to recent reports, the University of Minnesota just rejected a resolution to honor the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks each year because students worried it would cause “Islamaphobia.” According to reports, 23 students voted for the measure, and 36 voted against it. “The passing of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus even more unsafe,” David Algadi, director of the Minnesota Students Association wrote. “Islamophobia and racism fueled Read more [...]
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Obama Shields Over 80% of Illegals from Deportation Even as Courts Stall Amnesty

obama flag President Obama’s marquee deportation amnesty has been stalled by the courts, but the rest of his executive actions on immigration, announced exactly a year ago, are moving forward — including his move protecting more than 80 percent of illegal immigrants from any danger of deportation. The amnesty, dubbed Deferred Action for Parental Accountability was supposed to grant full tentative legal status — including work permits, Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses — to more than Read more [...]
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Paris Masacre Ringleader Used Migrant Crisis to Get Into France, PM Says

Abdelhamid Abaaoud The suspected mastermind of last week's Paris massacre, and some of the other attackers, had exploited the Syrian refugee crisis to slip into France unnoticed, Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed Friday, the same day the French Senate approved extending the nation's state of emergency by three months. It also emerged that Abdelhamid Abaaoud may have even taken part in the attacks on the ground in Paris, as a French security official said a surveillance camera captured the alleged ringleader inside Read more [...]
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Hillary Clinton: Muslims ‘Have Nothing Whatsoever to do With Terrorism’

hillary speech Did Hillary Clinton get confused again? On Thursday, the UK Daily Mail said, the Democratic Party front-runner attacked anti-jihad conservatives for daring to notice that radical Muslims are involved in terrorist activities. “Islam itself is not our adversary,” she said, reading her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations from a teleprompter. “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” According to the Daily Mail, Clinton “slowed Read more [...]
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CIA Director Admits ISIS was 'Decimated' Under Bush, But Has Grown as Much as 4,400% Under Obama

brennen In a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies yesterday, CIA director John Brennan made a startling admission: The Islamic State was “decimated” under George W. Bush and had just “700-or-so adherents left” following the surge in Iraq. Said Brennan: [ISIS] was, you know, pretty much decimated when US forces were there in Iraq. It had maybe 700-or-so adherents left. And then it grew quite a bit in the last several years, when it split then from al-Qaida in Syria, and Read more [...]
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