8th Grader Body Slammed & Arrested by Police for Wearing Rosary to School Football Game

rosary The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of an eighth grader at Sam Houston Middle School (SHMS) who was allegedly slammed to the ground by police, lain on until he was left gasping for air, then arrested and held in a detention center overnight—all because he wore rosary beads in memory of his deceased brother to a school football game. In challenging school officials and police over their treatment of Jacob Herrera, who had to be taken to a hospital as a result of the injuries inflicted Read more [...]
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Labor Dept. Rules: We Only Discriminate Against Religious Faith

labor dept A new anti-discrimination rule from the U.S. Labor Department is still discriminatory. The rule from the Labor Department would protect employees of federal contractors from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The rule would carry out terms of a workplace anti-discrimination order signed by President Obama in July. Matt Barber, constitutional attorney and founder of BarbWire.com comments: "This is unconstitutional and just as he did with executive amnesty, Read more [...]
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Democrats Commit To Destroying Remainder Of Their Influence With Gun Control Focus

shooting foot Over at Hot Air, Noah Rothman picked up on how tone-deaf Democrats have decided to further marginalize themselves as a more shrill and ever-shrinking band of fringe extremists, clinging on to radical ideas that the American people simply do not want. On Wednesday, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched the “Big Ideas Project,” an initiative aimed at soliciting proposals from the public. It’s not a bad idea; the president’s party needs all the help they can get. “After Read more [...]
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Recovery?: Number Living Paycheck to Paycheck Up 33% From 2012

recession recovery Anytime anyone brings up our economic malaise, liberals like to chime in to talk about how great the economy is under Obama. They talk about how rich they are, how great their portfolios are, how great the stock market is doing, how little they have to work, how they get to live off their parents’ sizable inheritance, and they wonder why everyone isn’t celebrating like they are. Their only conclusion is that the people poo-pooing the economy must be racists who don’t like Obama because he’s Read more [...]
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Florida City Council Meeting Opens with Invocation to Satan & Allah

florida city council More and more we are seeing an opening in America to paganism, false religions and open Satanism. The strange invocation that came from the Lake Worth, Florida City Commission meeting on December 2 of this year exemplifies this, only it was apparently an anti-theist that gave the invocation. Miami anti-theist Preston Smith stood and gave an utterly moronic invocation, if you can even call it that as several of the commissioners and the mayor got up and walked out before he gave the invocation. Lake Read more [...]
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Senator: Obama’s Amnesty Gives Illegals A Fast-Track To Voting Booth

obama voting President Barack Obama’s Nov. 21 amnesty puts millions of illegals on a fast-track to citizenship, Utah Sen. Mike Lee announced Thursday. Obama and his administration “have cleared the pathway to citizenship for millions of people who have crossed our borders illegally,” Lee said in a Thursday speech on the Senate floor. “They know what they have done, and it is illegal,” he added. Obama’s amnesty allows illegals with U.S.-born children to briefly leave the country, perhaps for Read more [...]
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Appeals Court Judge: 'Privacy is Overvalued'

judge posner Freedom-loving Americans and those supporting the Constitution value the Fourth Amendment. There is not one individual on either the left or the right who would publicly publish for all the world to see any information, communication, interaction, or images they consider to be their private property or anything that would violate their own privacy. Regardless of who you are, you value privacy. However, Judge Richard Posner of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit believes privacy is “over-rated." Posner Read more [...]
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Obama: Some are Pretty Sure I’m an Illegal Immigrant

obama illegal immigrant In a recent town hall meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, Barack Obama said that it was still hard for him to engage Republicans on the issue of immigration reform. The reason? According to Obama, it's because he believes that many Republicans believe he is an illegal immigrant. As Obama spoke about setting up a legal system that "reflected human nature," whatever that means, he also said it needed to be combined with the "wisdom of the American people." He then threw in the emotional part of Read more [...]
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ISIS Recruiting in America – 3 Teens Caught Trying to Join ISIS

isis in america Back in October two of the teens (19 and 16 year old brothers) went to early morning prayers with their father. When they came home their dad went to sleep and they put into motion a plan that they had designed to sneak out and make their way to Syria. Going with the two boys would be their 17-year-old sister. The plan was to fly to Istanbul then drive to Syria to live in the Islamic caliphate. The FBI detained the teens at O’Hare airport as they tried to travel on to Turkey. They are part Read more [...]
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Obamacare Architect: Abortion's a 'Social Good' That Gets Rid of 'Marginal Children'

gruber Breitbart has uncovered another scandalous Obamacare fact. The deceitful Architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, believes in aborting “marginal children.” In a paper titled, ABORTION LEGALIZATION AND CHILD LIVING, Gruber claims abortion is a “social good” in that it reduces the number of “marginal children.” When he says that, he means the urban poor whom he believes will only commit crimes and collect welfare if they are allowed to be born. The protest riots in Ferguson and New Read more [...]
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TICKING TIME BOMB: ‘Moderate’ Muslims In The US Military

muslis in military We live in a time when not every family has someone serving OR knows someone serving in our Armed Forces. So, it’s reasonable that there are many who do not know what the purpose is of the US Military. Here is the current oath of enlistment: I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President Read more [...]
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Kroger Sees Profits Soar After Ignoring Anti-Gun Boycott Threat

kroger1 Our friend AWR Hawkins at Breitbart made me smile with his headline, Kroger Profits Up 21 Percent After Refusing To Ban Guns. In mid-August Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched a campaign pressuring Kroger to bar law-abiding citizens from openly carrying guns for self-defense in their stores. Kroger refused to change its policy and in the third quarter–“ending Nov. 8″–Kroger saw a “21 percent increase in profit…compared with the same period last year.” According Read more [...]
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