The Criminalizing Of Christianity is Building in America

criminalizing christianity Kahnh Huynh knows something about living under in a society devoid of freedom of religion, speech and association. He was one of millions in Communist Vietnam who fled the police state in rickety boats, sent to re-education prison camps for his Christian faith or political views or was killed for opposing totalitarianism. In Kahnh’s case, he risked his life for a chance he and his children could live free in America. “We could not express our freedom of religion and belief,” he told Read more [...]
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Obama Claims Ebola Epidemic Has a 'Silver Lining'

obama ebola In remarks delivered in the Oval Office late on Wednesday afternoon, President Barack Obama pointed to what he called "a silver lining" in the attention that has been focused on people in the United States falling ill with Ebola. This "silver lining," the president said, is that it points out how important public health systems are. Additionally, the president noted that at some point in the future Americans may in fact be dealing "with an airborne disease that is much easier to catch and is Read more [...]
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Colorado GOP Takes Strong Lead in Early Voting

colorado republicans

Colorado Republicans are far outpacing Democrats in voting, according to figures from the Colorado Secretary of State, with 62,480 more Republicans than Democrats casting their vote so far in the state’s all-mail election.

Republican voters have turned in 43.7 percent of all votes cast to date, compared to 31.7 percent from Democrats. The Republican lead in early turnout has held since the beginning of the week, when the Secretary of State began releasing numbers.

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Idaho Town Forces Pastors to Perform Gay Marriages or Face Jail


For years, those in favor of same-sex marriage have argued that all Americans should be free to live as they choose. And yet in countless cases, the government has coerced those who simply wish to be free to live in accordance with their belief that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

Just this weekend, a case has arisen in Idaho, where city officials have told ordained ministers they have to celebrate same-sex weddings or face fines and jail time.

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Kerry Refuses to Meet with Israel Defense Minister; Meets with Elton John Instead

moshe A request by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to meet with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice during his visit to Washington this week was denied by the Obama administration, according to US officials quoted in the Hebrew media. According to a report in Ynet, the officials said the administration was settling scores with Ya’alon for statements he made in January in which he called Kerry “obsessive” and “messianic” about Israeli-Palestinian Read more [...]
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Cuomo: Ebola Patient Went Bowling, Took Cab, Rode Subway, But No Reason to 'Worry'

cuomo The physician admitted to New York's Bellvue Hospital with Ebola on Wednesday "obviously reached the conclusion that he wasn't symptomatic up to that point," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told CNN Friday morning. On Wednesday -- the day before he contacted health authorities -- 33-year-old Dr. Craig Spencer went bowling and took a cab ride. He also rode on three subway lines in recent days. Gov. Cuomo said he would take a subway ride on Friday in an attempt to calm the public: "There's no reason Read more [...]
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Army Found Guilty of Discrimination for Barring Transgender MAN from Female Restrooms

question bathroom Tamara Lusardi, a transgender who transitioned from male to female, has won his case against the Department of the Army for discrimination and humiliation, based on a report from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC). transgender_bathroomIn 2010, software specialist Tamara Lusardi, was working for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center as a civilian employee, and announced that he was now officially beginning his transition from male to female. Tamara Read more [...]
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Pastors Go On Offensive: Flood Houston Lesbian Mayor's Office with Bibles and Sermons

houston mayor A report is out, in the wake of the city of Houston's demands that area pastors hand over their sermons and communication with their members, saying that there is a national movement of American pastors who are going on the offensive. These pastors are banding together in a theme reminiscent of the Star Wars' saga's "The Empire Strikes Back." Their movement is called, "The Pastors Strike Back." Pastors from across the fruited plain have decided to come together and voluntarily send Bibles and Read more [...]
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California Orders Churches to Pay for Abortions

california abortions The state of California has done it again – leading the way in all thing fascist and “progressive.” California has ordered any insurance company doing business within their state to immediately cover abortions. No exceptions. California’s insurance companies are complying and sending out notices to all of their customers that their insurance plans MUST now cover abortion. Here is a portion of a letter Kaiser Permanente sent to a California church letting them know about the change… The Read more [...]
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Sergeant-At-Arms Who Shot Muslim Jihadist Gets Standing Ovation

Kevin Vickers On Wednesday, Islamists coordinated multiple attacks in Canada and the Sergeant-at-arms shot the gunman who had fired shots and was making his way toward the Chamber where many parliamentarians had barricaded themselves with chairs inside the chamber. Following his return on Thursday, the Sergeant-at-arms was greeted by a standing ovation from members of Parliament. Canadian Parliament's Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers heard the shots from the gunman, grabbed his gun and headed toward the sounds Read more [...]
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Anti-Gun Senator Arrested At Ferguson, MO Protest With A Loaded 9mm

nasheed Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. On Monday night in Ferguson, Missouri where the nation watches as a St. Louis Grand Jury decides whether or not to indict a police officer in the death of Michael Brown, Senator Jamilah Nasheed arrived with a male companion in tow and promptly moved into the street in front of the local police station in direct violation of a local safety ordinance. St. Louis County Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman stated that commanders with county police spoke Read more [...]
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Obama’s Terrorism Alert System Has Never Issued a Public Warning — Ever!

ntas In the wake of the Boston bombing, the Oklahoma beheading, the Times Square bombing, the Portland, Oregon Christmas tree lighting bombing, hundreds of American Muslims returning from waging jihad in Syria, the thwarted Federal Reserve building bombing, or any of these jihad attacks — “Obama’s Terrorism Alert System Has Never Issued a Public Warning — Ever,” Foreign Policy, September 2014 The National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS), a function of the massive Department of Homeland Read more [...]
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