Muslim Convert Beheads Woman in Oklahoma

islamic convert FBI probes conversion to Islam of fired store-worker who BEHEADED female co-worker and stabbed another woman before being shot dead by hero boss who was part-time police officer. Alton Nolen, 30, had just been fired when he drove up to Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma and 'attacked the first two people he saw' He beheaded Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbed Traci Johnson, 43, before Mark Vaughan, an off-duty officer and the company's former owner, shot him Nolen and Johnson are both being treated Read more [...]
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Federal Guidelines Prevent Disposal of Ebola Waste

ebola waste Dr Kent Brantley who was treated for Ebola at Emory. Many hospitals may not be aware of the Federal guidelines that prevent waste disposal contractors removing any waste products that may be contaminated with Ebola. Experts fear this could cause huge problems should Ebola get to the United States. Emory University Hospital in Atlanta treated both the US missionaries that were infected with Ebola. Stericycle, their contracted waste removal company refused to remove anything that had been in Read more [...]
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Las Vegas Kindergarten Sex Ed Class Teaches 'Very Private Sexual Activity'

kindergarten Clark County School District’s sexual education curriculum may soon be changing and local parents are not happy with the changes they’re hearing about. Currently, Clark County schools start their sexual education programs in the 5th grade and focus on just the basics while also promoting abstinence. The changes that the district is considering are found in the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, but some of those changes are making many local parents very upset. Some of the suggestions Read more [...]
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Walmart Banking May Help People Other Banks Won’t

walmart bank When reading about this proposal for Walmart banking originally I took an attitude of wait-and-see. Read more at Here’s the New York Times story about Walmart’s new offering: “Walmart Prepares to Offer Low-Cost Checking Accounts.” Here comes Wal-Bank. After years of thwarted efforts to break into banking, Walmart is making its biggest foray yet into everyday financial services. Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, is teaming up with Green Dot, known for its prepaid payment Read more [...]
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WebMD Has Received $13.9M to Promote Obamacare

obamacare approved WebMD has received nearly $14 million to promote Obamacare, as part of a government initiative designed to get Americans to turn to “official information” on the health care law. The contract amount is much higher than was previously known, new documents revealed on Tuesday. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a “limited source justification” to extend WebMD’s contract through September 2015. The government has obligated a total of $13,932,914 for the “Affordable Read more [...]
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Iraqi Intelligence: ISIS Plan to Attack US, Paris Subways 'Imminent'

subway An attack by ISIS’ foreign fighters on the United States and Paris’ subway systems is imminent, according to Iraq’s prime minister, the Associated Press is reporting. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he was told of the plot by Baghdad on Thursday, and that it was the work of foreign fighters of the Islamic State group in Iraq. Asked if the attack was imminent, he said, "Yes." Asked if the attack had been thwarted, he said, "No." Al-Abadi said the United States had been alerted. He Read more [...]
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The Real Reason Eric Holder Is Resigning

holder resign After doing Obama’s bidding for over five years, Attorney General Eric Holder is ready to jump ship. Reports regarding his impending resignation began to surface on Thursday morning, leaving everyone wondering exactly why he is stepping down. Now, we may have that answer. It appears as though Holder has finally had enough of Obama. Lest he get stuck with the regrettable Commander In Chief for the remainder of his term, Holder has made the move to resign immediately. The man who will likely replace Read more [...]
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Obama Suggests Ferguson Shooting is the Same As Terrorists Cutting Off Heads

isis1 What others refer to as the Obama apology tour, Charles Krauthammer calls the confession tour of 2009, in which Hussein Obama depicted the United States as the culprit to blame for much of the world’s ills. Today’s UN speech by the America Hater-in-Chief, Hussein Obama, contained language of a similar tone, which equated the still unresolved and still under investigation police shooting of a criminal in Ferguson, MO, with the public beheadings carried out by the terrorists of ISIS. Charles Read more [...]
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Why is the Middle Class Evaporating?

middle class If you listen to leftists and big-government stooges, the middle class is evaporating because of low minimum wage, greedy corporations, and tax-breaks for the rich. Which would indicate that, in order to grow the middle class, the civil government needs to get more involved. No one argues with the fact that the middle class drives economic growth, and is therefore a crucial component of economic recovery, but what is the real problem here? I think it can be boiled down to a few things: Crony Captitalism: Read more [...]
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DiCaprio, With Yachts and Planes, Lectures World About Global Warming

dicaprio Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a very rich man. His net worth sits at $220 million, which naturally means he owns many expensive things that require a lot of oil to enjoy. For example, here he is on his yacht. Over the weekend, a march to stop climate change was held in New York City. DiCaprio took the time to leave his multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment and walked in solidarity with the crowd full of hipsters wearing their petroleum based shoes. He took selfies with marchers on their earth Read more [...]
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Soros Pushing Obama Scheme to Shut Down Coal

coal plant A group of wealthy businessmen with ties to the Obama political machine has put out an email blast asking Americans to submit public comments to the EPA in favor of the president’s “aggressive plan to tackle climate change.” The new EPA rules would slap strict regulations on power plants through a plan critics say would result in millions of lost jobs and force consumers to pay more for their electricity. The EPA is accepting comments from the public through Dec. 1. Organizing for Action, Read more [...]
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Students Walk Out of Class - Protest School Rewriting of History

protesting students Following a teacher “sick out” that shut down two Denver area high schools, hundreds of students walked out of their classrooms in protest Tuesday over a school board proposal to supposedly support “patriotism” and “respect for authority” but “downplay civil disobedience” in their history curriculum. The school board proposal that triggered the walkouts in Jefferson County calls of instructional materials that present positive aspects of the nation and its heritage. It would establish Read more [...]
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