Census: Anchor Baby Delivered Every 93 Seconds

anchor baby One out of about every twelve newborns in the United States is an anchor baby, or the U.S.-born child of illegal migrants, according to a Pew Research Center study. This means that one anchor baby is delivered every 93 seconds, based on the 2008 census data analyzed by the Pew. The huge number of foreign children born on U.S. soil– roughly 340,000 per year— is also an economic imposition on Americans, who pay taxes to help raise, feed, and educate those children of illegal migrants. Eventually, Read more [...]
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Congressional Budget Office Report Forecasts Unsustainable Debt

debt levels The economy is sluggish but growing and inflation remains low, painting a decidedly mixed picture for the federal government, the Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday, saying the fiscal situation is improving this year but will snap back by 2018 to swelling deficits and unsustainable debt. The inflation rate is so low that Social Security beneficiaries probably won’t get a cost-of-living raise after this year, the CBO said. But tax revenue is up and spending has stayed pat, which is Read more [...]
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Christian Students Allowed to Pray before Sporting Events in Kentucky

pray Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you should do something, but were told that you were allowed? This is probably the way the students at a Kentucky high school felt when they were told that they were not allowed to pray before sporting events. So, as time passed, even the adults longed to have God called upon before their children participate in these events. Now, they have been allowing the students to pray, and this has an atheist group up in arms. Christian News reports A Read more [...]
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Duke University Chooses Lesbian Fiction to be Among Freshmen Summer Reading List

fun home It is becoming increasingly obvious that our education system is used to reshape the thinking of our students. For many, this is the predictable outcome of the type of education that is being given in State schools. Much of what is taught to the children is humanistic in its assumptions. What is worse is that there is this systematic spoon-feeding of facts. There is an absence of the call to think for oneself, or for the student to know how to find the truth on their own. Now, in the absence Read more [...]
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Ex-Satanist: Babies Are Ritually Aborted for the Devil

ex-satanist Zachary King remembers the day well. It was in 1982. He was young, rebellious and dabbling in the occult. But on that day, he would make the transition from novice to the deeper things of Satan. “I had just turned 14, and they told me there was going to be a sex party in someone’s house and all the males in the coven were going to sleep with this woman,” recalls King, now 47 and a pro-life activist living in Florida. “And the purpose of the party was to get her pregnant, and then Read more [...]
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Planned Parenthood Gets Support from Church of Satan

church of satan I guess Planned Parenthood will take it any way they can get it. The Satanic Temple of Detroit showed its support for Planned Parenthood in a counter-protest at a clinic where pro-lifers were demonstrating against the organization’s murderous practices. In their live performance art show, actors posing as male clergy “drowned” two bound women in milk. Other Satanists held a sign behind them that read: “America is Not a Theocracy. End Forced Motherhood.” According to their video description, Read more [...]
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Rev. Graham: Orlando Int'l Airport To Open a $250,000 'Mosque' Despite Already Having an Interfaith Prayer Room

graham1 Although it already has an interfaith prayer room, the Orlando International Airport is building a new $250,000 "Reflection Room" for Muslims, a facility that should be called what it truly is, "a mosque," said Rev. Franklin Graham. He also questioned how loud objections would be if the airport spent $250,000 on a "room exclusively for evangelical Christians. "You won’t believe this one," said Rev. Graham in an Aug. 21 post on Facebook. "A public airport in the United States spending $250,000 Read more [...]
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NFL Player, Wife Will Keep Unborn Baby Despite Defect: ‘Who Are We to Determine a Baby’s Life?’

unborn child NFL fullback Evan Rodriguez and his wife Olivia are expecting a little girl in December, who has a rare birth defect, anencephaly. The couple has been speaking out about the diagnosis and their decision to keep their baby girl despite the fact that she will not survive long after birth due to the condition. Doctors informed the couple early in the pregnancy that the baby will be born missing parts of her brain and skull and would live only for a few days, maybe only a few hours. Evan Rodriguez Read more [...]
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Walmart to Stop Selling AR15s; Claims Decision 'Not Political'

walmart1 Just months after winning against a Trinity Church lawsuit designed to force Walmart to quit selling AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines, Walmart corporate says it will quit selling AR-15s of its own accord. Moreover, corporate stresses that the decision is “not political.” According to Gun Talk radio host Tom Gresham, Walmart corporate “confirmed” their decision to quit selling AR-15s on August 25. Gresham tweeted, “CONFIRMED with Walmart corporate offices. Getting rid of Read more [...]
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Thousands Rally in Support of Kentucky Clerk Who Refuses to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

religious freedom On Saturday, thousands rallied at the Kentucky Capitol in support of Kim Davis and other Kentucky clerks who are standing on their deeply held religious beliefs and refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. While the Lexington Herald-Leader reported the crowd at 2,500, others in attendance said the crowd was at least 7,000 based on a conservative estimate. One even estimated the crowd at 10,000. The following is an Amendment to Kentucky's constitution: Only a marriage between one man Read more [...]
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Obama Heads To Mexico To Discuss Taking Away American Gun Rights Via UN Treaty

gun rights Any way you slice this, if Obama finds a way to pull it off, it will be violent and bloody. Obama is shooting to implement a global gun registry. That means if you own guns and are forced to register them, you will go on a list. A list that can be used by blue-helmeted UN troops that could go door to door in the US seizing guns. There are millions of ex-military, Oath Keepers and American citizens in the US that own guns – most will not comply or submit meekly to this. Obama does not constitutionally Read more [...]
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Arkansas Democrat Switches to GOP Because of Planned Parenthood

arkansas demo As the truth about Planned Parenthood is revealed to those who believed it was simply a women’s healthcare organization, people are turning away, disassociating themselves with a baby parts trafficking business which even harvests organs from born alive infants. Today, Arkansas State Representative Mike Holcomb joined the list of defectors by leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Republican Party. Holcomb, from Pine Bluff, a two-term legislator, said: I’ve chosen to join the Republican Read more [...]
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