Dem Senator: We Must Legislate What People Say Before Having Sex

liberal senator New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the most prominent lawmakers fighting campus sexual assault on Capitol Hill, said Monday that controversial affirmative consent laws should be made the standard nationwide. Gillibrand was speaking as part of an MSNBC-hosted panel event on sexual assault at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, which is a part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. During the panel, she praised SUNY's recent adoption of affirmative consent Read more [...]
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Quarter-Million Letters: Boehner Faces Judgement Day

boehner scared It took only about 48 hours after the launch of a “Don’t be Yellow: Dump Boehner Now Campaign” to allow constituents to encourage their members of Congress to reject Ohio Rep. John Boehner as speaker for more than 250,000 letters to be ordered on their way. “It appears this campaign will generate millions of letters by the time Boehner reconvenes the House,” said WND CEO Joseph Farah, who started the effort. “Will that have an impact on his fate? It will unless Republican House Read more [...]
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Krauthammer on Cuba – Is There No Tyrant Obama Won't Appease for Nothing in Return?

krauthhammer3 Charles Krauthammer believes that the major issue in the new relationship between Cuba and the United States and the method by which it came about has something to do with a position the “president” held in 2008 but which he has since, characteristically, reversed himself on. Reading a previous Obama comment, Krauthammer says, “This is what he said in ’08, ‘I will maintain the embargo’ and he said for precisely the reason that we have cited here today. ‘It provides us with leverage Read more [...]
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Washington Sheriff’s Deputy: 'We Need MRAPs to Deal with Constitutionalists'

police mrap1 A viral video has sparked quite a bit of controversy and protests for the Spokane Valley Police Department. An event that was held December 7 resulted in a sheriff’s deputy making comments about the use of the department’s new MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle. He claimed that it was needed to protect against “constitutionalists.” Just to be clear, according to the Police Department, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department is a contracted part of the police department. Concern Read more [...]
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MSNBC Wonders if Islamic Terrorism is Really about Islam

toure' Um. So the title of this article might make it sound like MSNBC has reached a new low in political and cultural reporting... and they have. I kid you not Touré really did wonder if Islamic terrorism is actually connected to Islam... Here’s Touré’s exact quote so you can join me in marveling at the sheer idiocy of the thought process. “Is this really about Islam or about maniacs who twist the Koran to their own twisted sort of desires?” Oh boy. The same comment could be made Read more [...]
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Judge Rules Obama Amnesty is Unconstitutional - We Must Win Or Judiciary is Dictorarily 'Trampled'

judge arthur In what may hopefully be the first of many favorable judicial rulings, Western Pennsylvania District Judge Arthur Schwab ruled on Tuesday that the declaration of amnesty by Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama are “beyond prosecutorial discretion” and enter into the legislative sphere of authority. In his determination, Judge Schwab was absolutely clear, writing, “President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as Read more [...]
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VA Gov. Targets Guns Shows, CCWS; Proposes One Handgun-a-Month Purchase Limit

Mcaullife On December 15, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) proposed new regulations for gun shows, new reasons concealed carry permits (CCWs) can be revoked, and said he wants to reinstate the "one handgun a month law" to keep people from stockpiling or trafficking firearms. These proposals come less than a week after PEW Research announced Americans are more concerned with protecting gun rights than passing more gun control and follow pro-Second Amendment Senatorial candidate Ed Gillespie's (R) near Read more [...]
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Sandy Hook Families Sue Bushmaster

bushmaster The parents of 9 children and one teacher, who survived the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are suing the businesses behind the rifle used in the tragedy. Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, the law firm that is representing the families announced Monday that is has filed a lawsuit against Camfour, a gun distributor, Riverview Gun Sales and the Freedom Group, the company that owns Bushmaster. The lawsuit was filed a day after the second anniversary of the event, where Adam Lanza, used Read more [...]
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Police Tell NY's Liberal Mayor, ‘Stay Away From Our Funerals’

de blasio In New York City an intense dispute has erupted between the city’s 30,000+ police officers and the Mayor’s office over the handling of the death of Eric Garner. Mr. Garner was killed while being arrested by the NYPD for the crime of selling “loosies” or loose cigarettes. The killing caused controversy around the country and New York City was no different, but the way the Mayor handled the issue left a bad taste in the mouth of his officers. Mayor de Blasio deflected criticism for his role Read more [...]
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Prez 'Eagerly Looking Forward to' 17-day Hawaii Vacation

airforce 1 The first family is returning to Hawaii for their seventh straight Christmas vacation, a 17-day break President Obama is “eagerly looking forward to.” The White House has announced that the president and his family with depart Washington on Friday and is expected to return Jan. 4. “On Friday, the first family will depart the White House en route to Honolulu, Hawaii — a flight that I know the president himself is eagerly looking forward to,” said spokesman Josh Earnest. According Read more [...]
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Why Are We Witnessing The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years?

stock market crash Is this the start of the next major financial crisis? The nightmarish collapse of the price of oil is creating panic in financial markets all over the planet. On June 16th, U.S. oil was trading at a price of $107.52. Since then, it has fallen by almost 50 dollars in less than 6 months. This has only happened one other time in our history. In the summer of 2008, the price of oil utterly collapsed and we all remember what happened after that. Well, the same patterns that we witnessed back in 2008 are Read more [...]
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Senate Approves a Gun Grabber as Obama's New Surgeon General

Vivek Hallegere Murthy The Senate on Monday approved President Obama's nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy to serve as U.S. surgeon general, despite opposition from Republicans and some Democrats over his support for gun control and past statements that gun violence is a public health issue. Murthy, 37, a physician at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital and instructor at Harvard Medical School, won confirmation on a vote of 51-43. He's a co-founder of Doctors for America, a group that has pushed for affordable health care Read more [...]
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