Obama’s Dogs Feast Off White House China as Americans Eat Dog Food

It’s a festive day for the two dogs in the White House. No, not those two, the four legged ones, Bo and Sunny. They got all dressed up in their finest by the royal family for a dinner appropriately hosting the French President, Francois Hollande. In true Marie Antoinette fashion, the dogs were bejeweled and sitting at a table set with china and crystal.

Michelle Obama made sure we all saw their lavish lifestyle that we are paying for by tweeting the photo.

While the dogs aren’t eating cake, it is kind of “rubbing our noses in it” as Americans to see the opulence at the White Palace as we all muddle through this floundering economy.

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Dogs Feast Off White House China as Americans Eat Dog Food

  1. I don’t mind Bo and Sonny eating off the Fine China it’s Barack and Moochel that I would not eat off the same plate from! They are the real Animals living in the White House!

  2. It is nice to hear that Mossesell is eating off the find china but what I want to know is what is the four legged member of the family eating off of .

  3. The smug arrogance of these people is like nothing I have seen in the White House. Why is it always those that have contributed nothing of consequence that show such arrogance?

  4. I would like to prepare and fine meal of Choice dog doo for Moochell and Hussein. that is what they have been feeding the American public for 5 1/2 nyears

  5. It truly shows what the Obummers meant when the illegal alien recently said, “I can do anything I want” and he’s proving it by rubbing salt into our wounds by treating his mutts like royalty while millions of unemployed and homeless veterans struggle to get one meal a day and no place to sleep. Get on the liberal media back and ask why this wasn’t on the first page? Also ask the advertisers in the media why they support this garbage? Write to the editors for answers and announce that silence will bring about cancellations! Let’s rub it in the Obummers’ faces! Fritz

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