Obama Turned Down Offer to Build ObamaCare Website for Free — Blew a $1 Billion Instead

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) told Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom today that an internet giant offered to build the Obamacare website for free.

This was confirmed during testimony today before a Congressional committee. Issa, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, said the Obama White House turned down the offer.

Bill Hemmer: Was it proven today that an internet company offered to build the website for free but the government passed on it? Was that true? Did that happen?

Rep. Darrell Issa: It was stated under oath that it was true. No one argued that it wasn’t.

The Obama administration blew over a billion dollars so far to build the failed Obamacare website.

53 thoughts on “Obama Turned Down Offer to Build ObamaCare Website for Free — Blew a $1 Billion Instead

  1. Follow the money!! Who owns the company and has the ear of the president. Whose daughter and son-in law is related to the senior adviser to the president? We have a president that dont care how much of your money he spends. They operate on the gold system. they get the gold and we get the shaft. God help America.

      1. I can remember a time when federal government procurement had internal control with tight independent checks & balances and auditors with professional ethics. Something like a website would require multiple competitive bids, which certainly would have included Microsoft. Any progress payments would require certifications and audit by government accounting and software professionals. By what has been reported as no-bid defective merchandise, etc., lots of folks in government and the supplier would be under arrest and indictment by now, and the supplier’s corporate assets would be impounded to the extent of government payments made (billions?)
        Those sworn by oath and duty to “… defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic… bear true faith and allegiance… without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion… and faithfully discharge the duties of the office…” (wikipedia) are “missing in action”! WHERE ARE THEY? Are they the enemy???
        If justice is “to be”, bypass Holder with and honest independent prosecutor… scuttle & let the burning ship sink with the captain and all aboard! Provide that prosecutor with non-government independent professional accountants to test internal control, basic accounting principles, accountability, checks & balances, etc! Totally bypass GASB, GAO & OMB! Let it all hang out in public, and lay it in the laps of Hairy Reed and his lapdog democrats and rinos who have given Obama $7 trillion to spend without accountability and internal control!

      2. No matter what name comes up, and no matter who’s idea all of it was, it came from the Obama administration and the Chicago thugs who run the country now, so it had to be bad for all of us. I can’t believe how many people still stand behind, and trust this joke of a President.

      3. A close personal friend of Michelle’s from Princeton is the executive vice president of the Canadian company that got the no-bid over 600 million dollar contract to write the software. I don’t see a problem there…..do you?

    1. Not only is he giving our money to one of his cronies. He also wants to mess the economy up so much that the republicans will have such a hard time cleaning it up that the entitlement crowd will want the democrats back in power. It is a merry go round we just can’t
      seem to get off.

    2. Didn’t I read that a college classmate of Michelle’s is an SVP for the company that received the no-bid award to build the website?

    3. Now, it was not wasted! Obozo had to give this money to his wife friends so he could get millions into the democrat fund raising machine!! Like you said, follow the money!

    1. Obama cannot let just any old company get involved and see what they are actually building. It’s evil and it might get out and thwart their plans. So only those in on the plan can be involved like Michelle’s connection with the company who built it. Fortunately those involved in the total transformation of America are not as bright as they think they are.

      1. That was my thought exactly. You posted it before I could.

        But I can’t figure out why Obama wanted it to fail. It looks
        like egg on his face.
        Doesn’t he realize he is demonstrating what a God awful mess
        a single payer would cause?

        I’m wondering if someone that powerful and evil also has the
        power to suck the brains out of the masses.

    2. I received an email that basically said, Obama has plans for Obamacare to fail. People will become so engaged that civil unrest will follow. Obama will then declare martial law and suspend all elections thus giving him a third term. America! We must be smart about how we handle this!

  2. obama is nothing less than a liar, crook, idiot and a moron. He got elected for one reason and one reason ONLY. Do I have to spell that out to anyone??????

    1. Well of course ’cause he be a nightshade. Only no one told the minimally informed electorate that he was also a muslim, a communist, gay and a liar.

      1. I don’t know about him being gay ( but it wouldn’t surprise me )but you sure were on the money about the other three. Our nation is in so much trouble!

        1. We are in trouble for only two reasons. 1) The voting citizens and the voting non citizens and the dead and the multi voting citizens and non citizens ( also known as illegals who were criminals on a prima facie basis) got away with fraud and were not confronted by the republicans and conservatives. 2) We, the conservatives and republicans ( not including the rinos) have lost our backbones and the will to save our once great country because we have become self centered and don’t care.

  3. Of course the free offer was rejected. From reading a Canadian paper, I discovered that Michelle good friend is an executive in the company that was contracted (without any other bids). Perhaps more importantly, Valerie Jarrett’s daughter’s husband’s father owns (or else is a powerful executive) in said company. Interesting that the Federal Government is exempt from getting bids…..seems like I remember that the State of Texas required maybe at least three bids for ordering a bunch of pencils!

  4. Clearly cronyism and racism. Michelle’s BLACK classmate from Princeton is the VP of the Canadian company that charged over $600 MILLION to built the worthless website. That “classmate” and her husband have visited the White House and have made donations to Obama’s campaign. Can anybody spell C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L?????? Impeachment is long overdue. Barack and Michelle have been given enough rope and it’s time they were strung up.

  5. From what I’ve learned, Michelle had a college friend who works for CGI. If BHO turned down an offer for one of our technology giants to build this “thing” for free. That alone is enough to have him impeached, as he should be. The House needs to charge him for many other impeachable offenses as well. They need to do it now, so that when the GOP wins in the Senate in 2014, he can be tried and removed from office.

  6. ibm should be thanking its lucky stars it was rejected.
    ibm has enough problems without being tied to obamacare failures.

  7. there never has been anyone so evil in the white house in the 76 years that I have been on this planet. both Obama his wife and his staff are evil. in fact Obama is the devil’s right hand man.
    he is just bent on ruining this country, no matter how he is going to do it. he is nothing but a Chicago thug with evil intentions.

    1. If you become familiar with the Holy Bible, you will find that this has all been prophesied, taking us to even worse circumstances. We are in for some bad times, unless a large amount of people do something called for in that very same Bible.

  8. My comment was that agreed with Top Hat and Stephen Thress what they had to say. It is very upsetting to see Obama getting away with so much fraud, lies, corruption along with his regime and nothing is done about it!






    1. John,google “as it shrinks in a growing market,does ibm have a strategy” and/or “it’s a race to the bottom and ibm is winning”

      IBM execs did not contribute to Romney but instead decided to be cozy with obama and contributed to obama’s campaign. I’m willing to project that ibm execs were counting on gaining federal contracts to regain another bloom of market profitability.
      But like many who thought to covet obama’s purse and were turned away after the election,ibm is still trying to sort itself out.

  10. The only problem with impeaching and removing from from office is just look at who would them be pres. We would be just as bad off or maybe worse.

    1. He doesn’t need to be impeached. He was never eligible to run for the office, and was never fairly elected. He stole the election both times. He just needs to be thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

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