Obama Administration to Regulate Cow Flatulence

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the White House has now vowed to regulate cow flatulence as part of its climate agenda. According to the Daily Caller, as part of its plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the Obama Administration is targeting the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions in their operations. Forget about the fact that methane emissions are at all time lows, we need to spend time and resources targeting gassy cows.

“So out of all the things in the country we have to fix, all the problems that are facing us… Where does – and I’m just asking you this off the top of your head – where does cow flatulence rank,” Glenn asked on radio this morning.

“Right at the top,” Pat joked. “Number one.”


23 thoughts on “Obama Administration to Regulate Cow Flatulence

    1. The pervert in the White House should be careful what he wishes for and gets involved in being a hands on gay guy he’s more likely to get behind his work to stop the flow of gas, what with the bullshit he’s slinging they are a pair made to order.
      Why hasn’t Congress filed a lawsuit to impeach him for again going around them and the fact he’s still writing checks NSF. The U.S. is going to file Chapter 14 Bankruptcy notification for the rest of the world to know our President has pissed it all away.

    1. Our Country is being run by Dumb & Dumber… Welcome to Obama-World, hire more government employees to check for cattle flatulence & determine which cows are to be fined for excessive farting, thus the Liberal Democratic Progressives can give their Great Leader more monies to spend!!! Think Michelle might be behind this in order the American Masses eat less meat??? With increased Government Employees, maybe the American Public can be penalized for their excessive flatulence in their homes & in public. People just cannot make this stuff up… Maybe the Government will start selling GAS-X for cattle…. Unbelievable!!!

    2. Putting a plug in would would do. The cows would self inflate and explode, thus ending the problem. However the real problem is how to regulate human flatulence and all the hot air that comes out of politicians mouths.

  1. It’s about taking away a food source, the regulations will effectively eliminate owning a couple of cows on your own acres.
    he wants to force people to spend every dollar you make, to save nothing. All communist countries are like this. They take everything you own.

  2. I’m so sick of this BS. Mother Nature already regulated cow flatulence, it’s called “colic” and every farmer, rancher, or small animal farm fears it. Typical government scam, let’s regulate something that doesn’t exist. While steaming piles of cow poo emit Methane, cows do not.

  3. What better way is there to discourage us from eating meat? Regulation equals higher costs and higher costs means less consumption. With any luck we could end up like India, worshipping (not eating) an animal that in turn consumes all of the grain that you are allowed to eat.
    President Obama should write a book about creating a third-world country out of a great nation. Now we know where his abilities lie.

  4. This concern will mean the creation of jobs. How many people will be hired to watch and detect the activity of the producers of methane? Will they wear a uniform? What kind of “patch” design? Imagine the badge……….just think how proud the workers will be when asked what they do for a living. “Why I keep track of the gas being emitted by beeves and cows.”
    Will there be a law prohibiting “passing gas” in public places? What kind of fine will it incur? Remember the old days about “speak easies?” Who knows, there may be “pass easies” in the future!

  5. The liberal dogs won’t stop, they are not going to stop with control, when they can control what you eat your dead in the water, and that fascists is going to do just that. Will we do anything about it besides whine, no, so why bother to report it. I am so discouraged with the morons in this country, who just sit by and let that evil demon Obama do as he pleases. Back in the day when Americans had real courage, that scum wouldn’t of been even elected if he wrote a book telling everyone how racists he is, and how he hates America.

  6. If evil will inherit our country and nobody speaks out or does a thing about it, then it’s true evil will take over and your liberty is gone. Freedom isn’t free, just ask those families who lost love one’s trying to protect your freedom.

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