New Bill Forces Michelle-O To Eat Same Food She Requires In School Lunches

A new bill being proposed would help to end the hypocritical rule of the Obama’s and force them to abide by the same “Let’s Move” guidelines Michelle Obama has pushed in schools across America.

Illinois Republican Rodney Davis has introduced the bill after a recent dinner at the White House for French President Hollande combined excess and gluttony, making him decide that enough is enough.

Last Tuesday’s dinner consisted of a 2500 calorie feast that included dry-aged prime rib served with a side of bleu cheese, 12 different kinds of potatoes, and quail eggs to top it all off. That was after farm raised caviar served with a fresh “winter garden salad.” Dessert was a chocolate malted cake with Hawaiian chocolate and tangerines from Florida, Pennsylvanian vanilla ice cream, lavender shortbread cookies, cotton candy dusted with orange zest, and fudge made with pure Vermont maple syrup.

18 thoughts on “New Bill Forces Michelle-O To Eat Same Food She Requires In School Lunches

  1. Such a bunch of wasted time. I heartily agree with the sentiments, however what is the purpose of wasting time and paper and ink on something that will never get passed. Even if it did Obama would NEVER sign it into law. Political games! Less quit playing games and get something done.

      1. Find a Patriotic Judge; yes I know that is near impossible, have a couple Military Generals go directly to the President and have him arrested for crimes against America, and its people, “treason”.

        1. I totally agree with this one! There is no one on the dims side that I agree with what they want done. Alot of Republicans are “caving” and that is only hurting the Americans.

      2. One Senator has already filed Impeachment Papers on him last week, if I remember right. With his “I can do whatever I want” speech, I guess it doesn’t matter what Laws are passed, if he doesn’t like them he will ignore them just like he is doing now!

        1. It is way past time for impeachment to have been started. John Boehner should also lose his job for not trying to stop Obama’s rampage on paper. The entire bunch of politicians and federal workers should be fired. A fresh start with some rule changes and a Committee of We THe People would have oversight if them all. The American way is broken and those who broke it should go to prison, if there is enough room for all of them in prison.

  2. Ah the “Marie Antoinette” syndrome of the obama’s.
    Maybe if she followed the meal plan she expects everyone else to adopt, she would lose that big backside!

  3. I think it would be cute for a wise White House chef to serve peach-flavored mints at some function . . . peachmint? Think anyone would pick up the subtle hint? Any candy-makers out there who would dare to do it for marketing?

  4. I can give 2 shakes what she eats and she should not tell me what to eat .
    There are so many issues out there right now but the ones we are focusing on are what Michelle eats and the Redskins ???? Come on Do some real politicking and stop the madness from this administration .
    This country doesn’t have long to live in its current state , yet no one seems to want to do anything about it ??

  5. When I was in the Korean War (1950-53) we had “meatless Tuesdays” and had “Truman Burgers at lunchtime” beans on a bun. Our government couldn’t supply us with most everything we needed. I suggest we put the illegal Pres and his wife along with all the liberals in Washington on the same fare. Also, the next time this illegal alien travels abroad, no limos, no nannies, no chefs, no hairdressers, etc. Just Air Force One, a few assistants and guards. Otherwise fly coach like the rest of us and take your chances like we do. Fritz

  6. Let’s continue to let them know what the majority of U.S. taxpayers think about them ! Life’s gonna be hard for Bubble-Butt after she’s kicked out of OUR White House – with her
    “buddy” !

  7. YEAH!!!!!!!! They ought to have the same healthcare they are trying to push on others too!!!! They should live by the same rules as everyone else. They THINK they are special, THEY ARE NOT, but they think they are.
    Enough is enough!! I’m so sick of these folks I can hardly stand it.

  8. Aren’t you just tired of the hypocrisy. Obama’s net worth is more than most Americans will ever see. He has helped income inequality more than most.

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