Global Warming Advocates – One in Four Americans Unaware Earth Orbits Sun

The progressives and the Obama regime know that one in four Americans are so poorly educated by our Department of Education and so sufficiently distracted and disinterested as to not be aware of even the most basic scientific concept; that the Earth orbits the Sun.

That explains why a large number will mindlessly accept the empty claims of global warming causing severe cold weather even as they endure the consequences. It is painfully obvious that we have a lot of ignorant people in America and they seem to align themselves with the Democrat Party.

86 thoughts on “Global Warming Advocates – One in Four Americans Unaware Earth Orbits Sun

    1. There should be a ‘gene pool test’, 3 easy questions, 1) why does the sun come up in the East, 2) which direction does the sun come up in and 3) is the sun hot? If you you miss one, you’re too stupid to live, bam! Donate their organs to wounded soldiers or others smarter than a brick!

      1. Maybe we could just take our country back from the crazy libs, revamp the useless public school system, and educate children properly, and get back to God as a whole, instead of physical violence? Just a thought.

    2. Betcha they don’t know what the word “orbit” means. Ya gotta be careful with these people ’cause they’s so damn DUMB they think Obama’s the greatest Prez in history!

  1. Actually, it’s more likely to explain how some many people are willing to ignore the consensus of scientists and believe the climate change deniers.

    And why so many will ignore scientists and believe in creationism instead of evolution.

    So nice of you to prove the liberals point!

    1. You have it backwards, my friend…this is a scathing denunciation of the Public School system.

      I am a Physicist and I do NOT consider anthropomorphic global warming to be factual, especially when the effects of solar activity are completely absent in the models. And as all scientists/engineers know: 1) a model is only as good as the data entered; and 2) you can make a model return any result you want.

      1. The sad fact of the matter is that with “uncleleroy1” comment it just proves the fact that you just cannot fix stupid.
        It is in he gene pool………..and it is horribly shallow.

      2. You are so right astrojonn: I went trough public school in the 40s, and 50s. Very different from today. I quit school before ever attending high school, joined the Army, retired, and started college at age 42. I achieved an A/B average, and graduated from two degrees with GPAs of 3.45, and 3.65 respectively. I was in competition with students who were “Cap and Gown” graduates of the High Schools in this area. My God, astrojohn: Some of them could not even read and understand the Harbrace Handbook that instructs one on where to use commas, hyphens, and other such things pertaining to the English language and writing.

        1. You’re right David, it’s unbelievable how our “leaders” manage to keep everyone ignorant these days.
          Ignorant people are easier to control…
          I went to school in the late 50’s (only 4 hours per day)and learned in 4th. and 5th. grade way more important things than they teach in high school these days.
          I came to the US (legally) at the age of 35 and did not know any English. 3 yrs. later I went to school for my GED and after 3 weeks my teacher told me to take the test. I refused and attended school for a few more months and, on my test, had the best grade of my class. I only had 6 yrs. of school when I was a kid. Had great teachers!
          I’m fluent in Portuguese, German and, as you can see, I learned some English too.
          Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

        2. Holy cow you expect them to be able to read and write before graduating High school. You are obviously a racist fascist oppressor of the poor and disenfranchised. LOL

    2. James, you have the talking points down. Most scientist who support what was global warming now climate change have a vested interest. You may recall the global cooling scare. Same type scientist supported that. The one thing all scientist and other knowledgeable people agree on is the climate on earth has changed many times. At times the changes have been devastating. During all of these changes, not one human, car, or piece of equipment existed. Explain that.

      1. Everyone has a vested interest – including the “scientists” who are paid by Fox News and other “conservative” media outlets to deny the dangers of fossil fuels, don’t they ?

        1. Gosh, last I heard it was NBC,CBS,MSNBC and other liberal stations that are in denial over most things, expecially how really bad Obama has done and how he is trying to become another Hitler.

      2. You are correct. I’m always posing this question to the Man Caused Global Warming believers: “If Man is the cause of Global Warming, then why did the Planet Mars heat up simutaneously with the Planet Earth 15 years ago?” My question hasn’t been answer yet.

    3. “and believing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS”

      Yeah, and you are living proof! And God laughs at you!

      “the consensus of scientists and believe the climate change deniers.”

      1st of all in your ignorance you stated several lies, but then that is typical for libs.

      There have been several reputable studies, including th most famous by the climate Lab in Denmark, showing that THE engine of climate is the sun. I don’t have a problem with saying the climate is obviously changing. I just know Who and What is causing the change. It’s NOT pipsqueaks like me or you.

      Secondly, as a former [RECOVERING] extreme liberal AND [funny how those 2 things go together] anti-Christian I’ll tell you that you are illiterate and childish. IGNORANT & W/O the ability to think critically!

      And, God laughs!

      I grew up, I’d suggest you do the same!

      1. I’m not so sure our Creator and Father is laughing. I’m certain though, that He is saddened that there are ones that mock and refuse to accept His amazing Gift to all that will just humbly receive. Jesus is that One that He sent.
        Thank You Lord Jesus. I love You.


        1. Do you think this is the only planet God has people on? He sent his son the save us and we killed him. I would burn this planet to a cinder if I were God and start over.

    4. A consensus based on flawed data the average temperature of the earth as recorded was decreased by One degree prior to 2000, by the scientists who presented the data. They said that this adjustment was necessary for a bogus reason that measuring devices are more accurate today than in the past before 2000. They did this to make appear that the temperature increased more than it actually did. Because the data did not support the global warming scenario. In other words, If that data doesn’t agree with your agenda change the data arbitrarily. This is not scientific but it suits their agenda, That many of these climatologists are making fat salaries in academia and want to continue making it. The last 17 years of the famous hockey stick graph of Al Gore is now proven to be a contrived representation. In Fact the average temperature of the last 17 years has actually held steady and not increased significantly at all. If you subtract the 1 degree they added it falls into a normal pattern range. In a nut shell the scientists of the consensus in favor of global warming LIED they misrepresented numbers to further an agenda that keeps them getting paid

      1. THIS WHOLE THING IS CRAZY. You would need thousands of very accurate thermometers located all over the earth for 500 years to even see any patern of change. How long have we had very accurate readings of tempatures?? Not very long would be my guess. Put 10 of the old style thermometers, same brand, outside in the same spot and see the difference in readings.

      2. You came a “long way around the Horn” to make the point you COULD HAVE made using the first word in your above quote: Laws of Scientific Inquiry DO NOT include any reliance on CONSENSUS. If it is consensus, it is NOT scientific proof – IT’S OPINION !!

        1. Thank you LibertysAdvocate,
          People and their opinions… some should be more humble
          while they express them, huh. And truthful. Thanks for clarifying ‘consensus’ (in his case).
          Lies. We hate them.
          Have a great day,


    5. Hey, James.
      I really like the new comedy routine your using!!! Thank You for sharing it with us!
      I caught you act the other night and you were hillarious!!!!
      AS a stand up comedian you have found your nitch in like, making people laugh.
      Your delivery of your jokes is so simply subtle that it takes a minute to really get how funny you truly can be when you speak.
      Keep up the great work!!!

    6. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. He who created Earth is entirely able to sustain it till such time as He determines otherwise. And even the most high Rev Alygored flush with taxpayer’s cash and thousands of his fellow Mother Earth worshipping fools will matter not a whit.

    7. Thank you for explaining to me how facts are discovered – apparently, a group of intellectual thugs get together and come to a consensus and then all data contrary to the consensus is deleted and mean epithets are slung at anyone who dares to scientifically challenge it. Just keep in mind – no scientist true to the principles of science goes along. So keep posturing – we are not going for it anymore. We have all been to school too, and some of us have even read a few books. Invoking scientific consensus fantasy does not make you sound as smart as you think.

      1. You are correct……Darwin info is considered junk now. All you have to do is look around at almost anything and you will see extreme intelligence in it’s design.

        1. look up in a area with little light pollution, away from any cities, look up into the sky at the wonder of all that organization throughout the 3d universe.

    8. What is the evolutionist’s explanation for the initial act of creation, as in where/how did life BEGIN ? Oh, all those early, completely natural different elements, gases, liquids, solids and vapors just happened to coalesce, all by themselves, into the early beginnings of primitive life, which naturally ‘evolved’ into more and more sophisticated life forms, until we got to where man first ‘appeared’ on Earth.
      I would ask these questions – take one aspect of living beings – vision – how can so complex an organ just ‘evolve’ ? The eye consists of thousands of tiny parts – does it make sense that it just evolved ? What was the initial force driving the construction of such an organ ?
      And why do we have male/female ? Why/how did living creatures have the ability to reproduce by the joining of a pair, which can only be that of male/female ? Why not just one ‘gender’, which could reproduce itself as needed ?
      I don’t think we have yet heard any sensible, rational explanation from those who deny Creation.

      1. Not only the eye, but the optic nerve and the visual cortex are involved. Did they “evolve” individually or concurrently? Either way, it is quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

      2. raynbene,
        It’s almost unbelievable that anyone can deny a Divine Creator. But they do! I love hearing the personal testimonies of those that once did (deny) and have since had a drastic change of heart. The ones that now know that they know that Jesus is who He says He is. So many from the Muslim faith. Praise be to God and His Son,Jesus and Holy Spirit. Amen.

        God bless,

    9. Oh yes the scientists that are on the government take with all of those tax payer funded grants. Agree with us or no more money for your college fund. They are out to hi-jack the wealth of this country under the guise of global warming, And where pray tell do you teach? As far as “creationism” is concerned Liberalism no doubt is your religion.

  2. There is no dispute that there are multitudes of ignorant people in America who vote, even occupy positions of influence and power. This was not always so. In the early days of the republic, the vast majority of people were knowledgeable, not just literate (could read), but well versed in physical, moral (religious) and civil verities. There were always some imbeciles, but these were not permitted to vote nor did they become leaders in society. How did we arrive at the current state of affairs where the ignorant and immoral decide our fate?

  3. And as long as we continue to let non-educators determine what is going on in our classrooms then we can only see our children get ‘stupider’ because that is what the libs need to get elected-people who don’t know and really don’t care. Check it out. What is the background of our cabinet head for Education? How many superintendents of school districts are not educators-never been in the class room? Time for a change!

  4. That’s nothing. almost one in two americans (before the voter fraud) thought that Obama ‘ s performance warranted a contract renewal.

  5. One ultimately has to admit it takes “faith” to believe in any answer to the question where did we come from…. the origin of the universe certainly is such a question. But after you place your bet, i.e your faith on one side of that question of the other now the question of inorganic to organic to life has to answered. Let’s see, everything we see, touch, hear, smell or taste just spontaneously came into existence out of nothing…a leap of faith, or it was created somehow by something greater than it…a leap of faith. Either way, you have a religion. Just begs the question… Who is your God?

  6. One in four Americans don’t accept the scientific fact that the earth orbits the sun. They still believe that the sun orbits the earth (or has an on/off switch controlled by God).
    These are the same people who do not accept the scientific fact that humans have the power to adversely affect the climate of our planet. They believe in predestiny and read Revelations for their news.

  7. “educated by our Department of Education”

    No. The Department of Education does not “educate” anyone. It is a useless bureaucracy of the Federal Government. Thousands of employees and a multibillion dollar budget. Another relic of the Carter administration.

    1. Are you kidding? The entire universe revolves around Barry! I am sure that many millions of asteroids and other bits of space debris scattered around the universe have failed to impact upon Earth since his ascendancy. May he live forever! (In Hell, of course!)

  8. I would bet they know “social justice”, “multiculturalism”, “income inequality”, and all forms of sexual perversion. Teachers want 100K/Yr., lifetime health benefits, tenure, and this is what they produce.

  9. No surprise there!

    The USA is history as they have NO clue America includes Canada; Mexico; Central and South America.

    Sure glad I retired 31 Aug 2003, and became an expatriate.

    Have not paid FICA since; only $199. in the USA since 2004, and NO income Taxes since 2007.

    NUKE DC!!

    1. “The USA is history as they have NO clue America includes Canada; Mexico; Central and South America.”

      Yeah, well…

      …Doc, your punctuation “sucks” and most people understand that “America” means the folks who have “saved the world’s bacon” at least twice in the past century. There isn’t much that pisses me off more than some dude from Peru claiming to be “American” — as seen on “Sesame Street”. 😛

      I am forced to agree with you in that “[t]he USA is history”; on the other hand, I don’t have the means to be an “ex-pat” and am forced to endure the decline.

      1. Me too EdWatts, me too.
        I trust the Lord. He’s with us and He said He’d never leave us or forsake us. And I thank Him for that. Jesus is LORD.

        Thank God for people like Jay Sekulow and his team, ACLJ.
        American Civil Liberties for Justice. Him and his son, Jordan and their team are awesome in what they do to bring light in the Federal courts.
        I pray for them and support them with $$.

        God Bless,


      2. The USA, Canada and Mexico are considered North America, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, and Nicaragua are considered Central America and South America is Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Belize, and Columbia. Have a nice day.

  10. Hey James you freaking moron, CONSENSUS isn’t Fact!!!,all of Liberism is based on Consensus and feelings, Science should be based on FACTS!!,people who thought the Earth was flat used CONSENSUS,were they Right?. As a very popular radio host always says, Follow The Money.

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