Florida Universities Change Policies to Allow Guns on Campus

Florida universities have begun complying with the First District Court of Appeals’ ruling that “state universities cannot bar students from storing guns in their cars while on campus.”

On December 11th, CBS Miami reported that the 15-member court ruled 12 to 3 to strike down the ban in order to protect students’ right to have a gun in their cars for purposes of self-defense.

The successful suit was filed by Florida Carry Inc.

Now, according to the Orlando Sentinel, the University of North Florida, Florida State University, and the University of South Florida have changed their policies to allow students to store firearms in their vehicles.

3 thoughts on “Florida Universities Change Policies to Allow Guns on Campus

  1. I think that if a student has a CCW permit and is 21 or older they should be permitted to carry their weapon on their person on school grounds. Let it be known that this is permitted on college grounds and this will stop attacks in “Gun free zones”.

  2. I think that we all should get rid of our fire extingushers, safety glasses, helmets, flotation devices, seat belts, etc. And just ban the need for them.

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