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Nearly Half of Democrats Think Obama Should Have the 'Right' to IGNORE the Courts

obama tearing constitution

Liberals have attacked Chief Justice Roy Moore for standing his ground against federal encroachment on the state of Alabama. Moore has made a constitutional case for his stand based on the fact that the federal constitution does not mention marriage,

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Obama Vetoes Keystone XL

keystone xl

President Obama just vetoed legislation dropped on his desk to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. “Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline

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Sen. Lindsey Graham: I Have No Doubt Obama Loves America and He Is A Patriot

lindsey graham

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) is now testing the waters for a possible 2016 run for the White House. I’m sure some are still blinded to his corruption to the point where they would vote for him. I’m not

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Gun Control Democrat Wants Machete Control


Besides the Constitutional issues with gun control the biggest problem is; where does it end? How much “commonsense” weapon banning is enough before liberals feel safe? To answer that question New York State Senator Tony Avella (democrat of course) wants

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Quinnipiac: Rand Paul Most Competitive Candidate Against Hillary Clinton

rand paul2

According to a new Quinnipiac Poll released this week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appears to be the most competitive against Hillary Clinton. In three key swing states, Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, Clinton leads Paul, but is still considered competitive. In

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Netanyahu: I'm Speaking to Congress Because This Obama/Iran Deal is Terrible


You’ve probably heard about the upcoming address that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be making to Congress. And you’ve probably heard analysis that’s been solely based on the politics of the matter – and that, as a result, totally

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Democrats Beg Obama for Dictator Rule Concerning Obamacare Taxes

king obama1

Unbelievable is all that comes to mind when reading that three senior Democrats are “pleading” with Obama to once again unilaterally “bend the rules” on Obamacare so their voter base and millions of other Americans will not be hit with

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Transgender Navy SEAL will Run for Congress

transgender seal

In what is the first time anyone has ever said “transgender Navy SEAL is running for Congress,” transgender former SEAL Kirstin Beck has decided to run for Congress. Beck will be attempting to unseat longtime Democrat leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD)

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Obama Explains Why He Bears No Fault for Anything, Ever

obama straw

In a lengthy and slobberingly wide ranging interview the faux-intellectuals at have succeeded at giving President Obama yet another opportunity to explain why nothing is ever his fault and is usually the fault of people who disagree with or

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Liberal Justice Ginsburg Had to Get DRUNK to go to the SOTU

drunk supreme

I can’t blame her, really. I mean, I have to break out a drinking game just to make it through the choreographed circus that the State of the Union (SOTU) has become. President Obama simply uses his time in front

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Maxine Waters Calls Americans Against Sharia Law BIGOTS

Maxine Waters2

So much for the oath Maxine Waters swore to protect. The Qur’an states 1: “Fight Those Who Do Not Believe” (Surah 9:29) fighting people that don’t believe. Don’t make Allies with Jews and Christians 5:51. There’s no place in our

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Obama's Campaign Adviser: Prez Lied to Get Elected in 2008


President Barack Obama lied about his position on same-sex marriage in order to win votes in the 2008 election, his former chief campaign adviser political David Axelrod writes in a new book, “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.” Obama supported

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