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Mike Huckabee Expects Civil Disobedience in Response to Gay Marriage Ruling

mike huckabee

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee suggested Sunday that Christians opposed to the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of gay marriage will carry out civil disobedience in response to it — and that, if elected president, he might put up a

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Obama Wants Your Doctor To Teach You About Global Warming


Americans trust their doctors, so the White House wants these medical professionals to be a mouthpiece for President Obama’s global warming agenda. “We also need doctors, nurses and citizens, like all of you”President Obama said in a taped speech presented

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Democrat Hopeful Says Hillary 'Clinton is Not Going to be the Nominee'

lincoln chafee

Ouch. These are fighting words. Former Governor of Rhode Island and current Democrat candidate for President dropped this bombshell while giving an interview with Jorge Ramos on Fusion. Ramos was discussing the Presidential race and wondering about the “inevitability” of

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Scalia Blasts Obamacare Ruling: ‘Words Have No Meaning'


They did it again. The Supreme Court of the United States effectively rewrote the text of Obamacare to save the legislation. By a 6-3 majority, the Court upheld the Fourth Circuit’s decision in King v. Burwell and decided that federal

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Ted Cruz: Obamatrade Enmeshed in Corruption, Backroom Dealings


The American people do not trust President Obama. And they do not trust Republican leadership in Congress. And the reason is simple: for far too long, politicians in Washington have not told the truth. Both President Obama and Republican leadership

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GOP Caves, Gives Obama Fast Track Powers

obama laughing7

The Senate on Tuesday voted to advance President Obama’s trade agenda, approving a measure to end debate on fast-track authority. The 60-37 motion sets up a vote on final passage on Wednesday. If the Senate approves fast-track or trade promotion

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Karl Rove: Violence Will Continue Until the Second Amendment is Repealed

rove laughing

During the Sunday airing of Fox New Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Karl Rove how America can stop violent attacks like the one the country witnessed in Charleston, South Carolina. Rove said “acts of violence” will continue, until someone can

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Michelle-O 'Sees Herself' in British Muslim Women

michelle muslim

Michelle Obama recently visited the U.K., where, according to The Mirror, she “compared her struggle to succeed as a young black woman in America to the experience of inner-city Muslim girls.” She “struggled to hold back tears,” said the Mirror,

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Lyndon Johnson Was a Civil Rights Hero. But Also a Racist.

President  Lyndon Johnson meets in the White House Cabinet Room with top military and defense advisers on Oct. 31, 1968 in Washington.  Shown at table from top, left to right: CIA Director Richard Helms, Central Intelligence Agency;  Presidential Assistant Walt Rostow; Undersecretary of state Nicholas Katzenbach; ; Johnson; Defense Secretary Clark Clifford and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Nitze.   Along wall, behind Johnson  at right are Gen. William Westmoreland, Army chief of staff, and Adm. Thomas Moorer, chief of naval operations. Military officials behind Clifford at wall are unidentified.  Dean Rusk is between Katzenbach and Johnson but not seen in this photo. (AP Photo)

Lyndon Johnson said the word “nigger” a lot. In Senate cloakrooms and staff meetings, Johnson was practically a connoisseur of the word. According to Johnson biographer Robert Caro, Johnson would calibrate his pronunciations by region, using “nigra” with some southern

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Marco Rubio: 'No Problem' With Pope on Climate Change, But He Doesn't Set Economic Policy

rubio hand over face

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio said Saturday that he had “no problem” with Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change, but said he would only back policies that protect the nation’s economy. “I have no problem with what the pope

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Hillary Denounces White Privilege; Calls for Taking Guns From 'Those Whose Hearts Are Filled With Hate'

hillary platform

In an emotional speech that heaped scorn and blame on America for failing to pass gun control measures while it supposedly perpetuates racism, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said white Americans need to “question our own assumptions and privilege.” “We

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Is Pope Francis the 'Most Dangerous Man on the Planet'?

pope loses hat

While the Left celebrates the pope’s Marxist leanings in his new encyclical that addresses global warming, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has called Pope Francis the “most dangerous man on the planet.” Gutfeld just about blew a gasket when discussing the

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