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Ferguson Protesters Protest Not Getting Their Checks For Protesting

ferguson protestor

On May 14, protesters, upset with not being paid their promised checks for protesting, protested outside MORE, Missourians Organizing For Reform and Empowerment, an ACORN organization which had received funding through George Soros to fund the protests. Post Continues on

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Dem Rep Claims His Insufficent $174,000 a Year Leads to ‘Sackcloth and Ashes’

poor dem rep

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-IL) says he and his colleagues in Congress are vastly underpaid and the American people need to pony up some more money, if they want to keep these stellar politicians around. That’s basically the argument he made

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ABC's Stephanopoulos Admits Giving $75,000 to Clintons


The slime pit that is the Clinton Cash scandal just keeps getting deeper and deeper. ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos has been revealed as one of the big donors to the Clinton Foundation, which is at the center of allegations

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Obama Thinks Jesus Was Wrong When Saying 'the Poor Will Always Be With Us'

obama praying

Obama scorned Christians at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Tuesday, twisting the words of Jesus Christ into an insult against the Savior of the believers he was addressing. “It’s important for us to guard against cynicism and not buy the

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Guess How Many Changes Obama Has Made Unilaterally to the Affordable Care Act

king obama3

By our count at the Galen Institute, more than 49 significant changes already have been made to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: at least 30 that President Obama has made unilaterally, 17 that Congress has passed and the

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Here’s the BIG Lie Democrats are Telling About Amtrak

amtrak crash

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – so said former Obama Chief of Staff, and now mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. And so it goes once again, that as bodies were being recovered from the horrific Amtrak crash,

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Hillary Slams House for Passing Bill to Protect Babies From Late-Term Abortions

hillary planned parenthood

No sooner did the House of Representatives pass a bill to protect babies from late-term abortions and ban them after 20 weeks than Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fired off a statement slamming them for doing so. The House of

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11 Things the Media Won't Tell You About Amtrak


Before the dead were counted and the facts known, the craven, partisan ghouls in our mainstream media were already using a terrible domestic tragedy to call for more government spending. The media’s politically-loaded word of the day is “infrastructure.” This

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Michelle-O Claims 'America is Unfair to Me'

michelle mad

Michelle Obama just disgraced America once again by complaining about unnecessary issues as the First Lady. Laura Bush would’ve never done this! Michelle recently spoke at the Tuskegee University graduation in Alabama and instead of focusing on an inspirational message,

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Hillary Says Illegals Pay More Taxes Than Corporations; WaPo Says 'Nonsense'

hillary claim

On the campaign trail, Hillary threw out a line that was such total and complete bullshit that even The Washington Post had to call her on it. At a roundtable discussion in North Las Vegas, Clinton made the claim that

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Obama Receives Moralizing Defeat on Trade Bill From DEMOCRATS!

obama frustrated

The news that the Democrats had not towed the line for the president comes as a surprise to some. But I had reported several weeks ago that this defeat was imminent. Democrats, who have long been pro-labor, see the Fast-Track

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The Clinton’s Problems Just Keep Getting Worse – and Everyone is Starting to Notice

bill and hillary1

For decades, the Clintons have counted on the support of the liberal media, and over those many years the media has indeed served the Clintons well. Even now, as the media is growing wary of the dangers of blindly following

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