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DNC Deep in Debt as RNC Builds up $20 million War Chest


The Republican National Committee keeps building its cash advantage over its Democratic rivals, strengthening the party’s position going into the election year – with the latest monthly reports showing the DNC with a major debt, while the RNC has accrued

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White Men Are Biggest Terrorist Threat to U.S., Not Muslims, says Senator


Brown’s words recall a widely-heralded study that was published last summer, claiming that “right-wing extremism” was a bigger threat to the U.S. than jihad, based on the number of Americans killed by each since 9/11. Not only does this study

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VIDEO: Sean Hannity Posts 4-Minute Clip Of Obama Admitting His REAL Feelings About Islam

sean hanity

President Barack Obama has never been short of praise for Islam. In fact, his love affair with Islam is so intense that many have even wondered aloud if the president himself is a Muslim. However, it’s impossible to realize just

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FINALLY: GOP Rep Finds Some Guts, Publicly Accuses Obama of TREASON

ann wagner

A Republican congresswoman is unhappy with President Barack Obama’s handling of the Syrian refugee issue in the United States so, in a gutsy move, she vocalized some strong opinions about the president this week. According to BuzzFeed News, Representative Ann

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Pelosi: Obama’s Right, ISIS is Contained


Would it surprise you to find out that the U.S. government actually wanted organizations like ISIS to thrive in Syria for the express purpose of isolating the Assad regime and overthrowing them? To most people, I imagine it would come

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Hillary Clinton: Muslims ‘Have Nothing Whatsoever to do With Terrorism’

hillary speech

Did Hillary Clinton get confused again? On Thursday, the UK Daily Mail said, the Democratic Party front-runner attacked anti-jihad conservatives for daring to notice that radical Muslims are involved in terrorist activities. “Islam itself is not our adversary,” she said,

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VIDEO: Ted Cruz Calls-Out Obama DIRECTLY: ‘Come Back and Insult Me to My Face!'


Texas Senator and 2016 presidential contender Ted Cruz is seemingly undeterred by anything. He has been attacked by Democrats, attacked by Republicans, attacked by media and the president of the United States. Sen. Cruz, in every instance, has shown a

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MSNBC says Obama is 'Disconnected' from Reality

morning oe

Well, it sure is nice to finally see the main stream liberal media catching up to what most of America already knew. President Barack Obama is living in a fairytale world where up is down, yes is no and wrong

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GOP Just SHUT DOWN Obama’s Plan for Bringing Terrorists to America!


One of Obama’s earliest promises was to shut down Guantanamo Bay and bring the detainees to prisons in America, but the Republican Congress has just passed a bill that aims to make sure he won’t be able to fulfill that

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Trump: Hillary Running for POTUS 'Because She Wants to Stay Out of Jail'

hillary crime

On Monday at a Springfield, Illinois rally, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton in running for president to avoid going to jail. “People are in jail right now for doing five percent of what she did and

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Obama Pressures Pentagon to Close Guantanamo; Announcement Expected Next Week


The Pentagon’s plan outlining the long-stalled effort to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, expected in the coming week, includes details suggesting that the Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado is one suitable site to send detainees whom officials believe should

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Senator Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization


The Texas Senator and Republican Presidential candidate said he is introducing the bill to protect against the “violent jihad” carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates both in the United States and the rest of the world. “As this bill

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